Many a little makes a mickle

Monday, June 14, 2010 |

I suddenly got the mood to check my email that day, and I was terrified. 

Apparently I haven't deleted any emails since February 200910k is a huge number.

Most of the emails were from Facebook and Friendster. Almost immediately I stopped both these websites from sending me email notifications.

Had some hard time deleting the emails page by page, until Choon Khai gave me the solution of downloading Windows Live Mail.  ( You can download it here, you'll be able to download loads of emails at once!)

I guess there are times where Facebook prove to be useful...Thanks a lot Choon Khai!

Now my email is finally empty..after all these years. =)


Sometimes many small things combine together, and end up becoming a very huge thing. All this might be formed when you take no notice, and when you finally do it shocks you so much you fall of your chair.

And I'm not just talking about material stuff.

Remotely proud of myself for 1 second 
before returning to emo-state at the next,

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