Genting Trip w/ College Gang

Thursday, June 3, 2010 |

I have no idea where to start from. As much as I have told others just how exciting this trip was, somehow I never am able to say it out in words. Maybe there wasn't any memory point, or just maybe, there are somethings you can only get the feeling when you yourself experience it.

So this blog post might as well be a photo post...=)

Let the photos tell you the story....

1st Day (Friday, 21/5/2010)

Arrived to Genting with my beloved college gang. (Zac, Sook, Wai Ling, Carmen, Wei Fong, Syeli, Shanz and Rex) 

Carmen and Syeli on the cable car!

Zac, very happy to be back

There were some of us who were actually very scared of going on a cable car (perhaps scared of heights? teehee), but lets not mention any names here...

 The funny guy =.=

Nice lighting, nice camera, nice pose! and of course...nice photographer...xD

Some complications happened on our way to Genting, and we ended up waiting at the lobby of Highland Hotel for Chloe and her dad to arrive. 

All our Maggie Mee! 
The hotel was great! Huge and comfy! Except for the fact that we couldn't lock the bathroom door....everything was perfect! 

As for the night of our first day....I'm gonna leave that for another post, mainly about that night. Why? Because that was one of the nights I could never ever forget. I'm serious. Stay tuned =)

2nd Day (Saturday, 22/5/2010) 

Things were horrible when I woke up in the morning! Not only was I in a lack-of-sleep condition, the weather outside was horrible too! There was fog everywhere, and the view distance was less than 500m! And it was freaking cold!

Our plan of entering the outdoor theme park was totally blown off. 

So, they went bowling.

  H = Wei Fong, Z = Zac, C = Chloe, C= Carmen, M= WaiLing 

Then suddenly the weather had a great turn and we went into the theme park after all. 

Genting's outdoor theme park is still the same as usual, and once again I am going to say... when I go there again next time, I'm so not going in the theme park anymore! Really a waste of my money!

We spent the 2nd night at the same place we spent the first night.

But when we got back to the hotel room, we started chatting. One by one they fell asleep, and me, Sook, Zac and Shanz, being the final few who were still awake, slept at around 5am. 

3rd Day (Sunday, 23/5/2010) 

We were woken up by Rex's call from the room next to us. 

To be exact, WaiLing shouted " It's 10:30am and we have to check out by 12 noon?" and we all woke up immediately. None of us had cared to watch the time and we over slept...

So our 3rd day morning was spent in the hotel room eating Maggie Mee as brunch. 
Then it was time to go home...

Almost everyone of them slept all the way on the bus. I guess I was the only 1 awake the whole time. Gotta admit, the view was great.


And so ended my 3 days trip to Genting Highlands. Writing it down like this makes it seem so much less exciting and interesting.

It could be because Genting is too familiar to me, or maybe we really didn't do much exciting things there. 

But still, time flew when I was up there, and 3 days seemed too less. The whole gang of us being together was the best thing of this trip, and I appreciate that.

Even the most boring things can seem fun when I'm with you guys...

In the end, I'm still glad we went, 

To view more photos of my Genting Trip, click here (Facebook)

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