Genting Trip - Safari Night

Sunday, June 6, 2010 |

On the first night during my Genting trip with my college gang, we went to Genting Safari Club.

As I mentioned in the post before (link), this night was one of the nights I could never ever forget. Till now, our gang still joke about things that happened that night. A lot. 

Everything starts at the late night of 21/5/2010........

Basically it took us around 2 and a half hours to get ready. You can't blame us for wanting to look nice right? =)

And the hotel room was a disaster afterwards. Makeup and clothes everywhere! 

Me and Wailing while waiting for the others to get done.

Chloe and Me

Still waiting.....With Rex now...  =)

I lost track of time when we finally were ready to go. Must have been nearly midnight already. 

Safari was quite strict at the age requirements. All of us had to show our ICs, but the good things was....ladies were free for the entrance fee! 

There was a live band there that night, and we had a lot of great times playing around with the lead singer. 

Took a lot of photos while everyone was still 'awake'

Chloe and Sook

Wei Fong + Carmen

360 degree changes on Syeli that night!

Zac + Me.. and a cup of Carlsberg beer

My blue contact lens were so obvious under the flash light!

Zac, Carmen and Rex

No, she did not drink that. Just posing with it =)

We had a tower of Carlsberg. Which was finished in less than 1 hour ( I guess, as I said I lost track of time...).  Then things went totally berserk.

I remember sitting down at our table and asking Rex where the others were, because the table was nearly empty, which Rex replied : " (...) is sitting on the toilet floor laughing non-stop."

Everything went outta control after that. One of our friends (Lets call her A for now, since I don't wanna write any names out here also) came back from the toilet all lumpy, and could barely walk without holding on to someone. Another one (Friend B) came back STILL laughing non-stop. 

Our whole tower was instantly finished after they came back. Friend B drained every cup we had on the table for alcohol, even if they were empty. Friend A was in a some-what hypnotized state where she couldn't recognize any of us. I remember asking her if she knew who I was and she said "Syeli."

Chloe's other friends were there also that night, resulting into more alcohol for Friend B to drink. The guys there were more than welcoming. And Friend A was dozing off while leaning onto everything she could lean on, whether it was a person or a table or a wall. 

The others? Other than Chloe who was with her friends, all we did after that was make sure the 2 drunk people did not get out of our sight. 

Finally we made the decision to leave. The night was still young (around 1am plus I think), but we already had 2 serious cases on our hands.

Getting them to leave Safari was the hardest task ever! Friend A was easy, since she just followed whoever that was holding on to her.

But Friend B...... I got myself injured on the knee for trying. She kept insisting on staying with Chloe and her friends, and shouting out loud as she tried to stay firm on her decision.

The guys had to come back inside to drag her out. And that wasn't a easy job either. 

Rex had to carry Friend A on his back on our way back to the hotel room, since she was having difficulties in even walking properly. Friend B tried a lot to get rid of us and get back into Safari.

All the people we saw on our way back...must have thought we were crazy. We certainly earned a lot of strange peers from the hotel guards. 

If I weren't in it myself, I'd really think the scene was a funny one to see.  A guy carrying a drunk girl on his back, with another girl behind him trying to prevent the girl from slipping off, and another 2 girls and 1 guy dragging another drunk girl that was reluctant of going with them, and another guy at the back following. 

Friend A was dropped onto the bed once we got into our hotel room. She kept on mumbling stuff, but she stayed still. We tried to do the same to Friend B, but she liked the floor of the guy's room toilet more than the bed. And the bathtub

While I was removing Friend A's make up (on a bed!), Friend B was starting to vomit in the other room. 

Chloe came back with her friends half drunk, and by then the room was full of people rushing here and there. Preparing not-so-sweet Nescafe for some people, helping some people to the toilet, holding some people's hair while they vomited, 'tam'-ing/patting some people to sleep, comforting some people who knocked her head on the drawer and was crying.....

Carmen, Syeli and me were fully occupied until around 4am!!  Wei Fong too, even if all he did was stand there and watch.

And the worst thing was... the drunk people got to sleep on the comfortable beds, taking up more space then they were supposed to. 

Meaning.... Syeli and I slept on the floor. I had serious back ache the next day! *sobs* 

Did I mention we had Carlsberg that night? No idea how much alcohol content in it, but I know it's not that much. Just how much did they drink to get so drunk? 

First experience of seeing people getting drunk in front of my eyes, and I can't really say I enjoyed it.

Drunk people are the hardest to take care of. Totally agree with that. 

And now we're all alcohol-addicted,

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