Old times + Chasing time

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 |

A few days ago, I had a sudden thought of showing my old photos to Sook and Wailing. So I re-opened my Wretch Album.

And I had a great look through it myself.

My blogs were always a significant sign of the changes in my life, whether it was my oldest MSN live space, my wretch, or even this blogspot I'm using now. (No planning on changing now though, quite satisfied with everything here.)

And I got a lot of comments on how "chubby' my face looked before. Maybe the braces did do more than just push in my teeth.

Some of the photos were just too ugly for even me, the main character in that particular photo, could stand. If you ask me, I'd say I've changed A LOT (I mean outside appearance here) throughout these years.

I miss my curly hair... even if it took a lot of time to take care of.

*My wretch started in March 2007 till March 2009


Stress is so eating me alive nowadays... 

It's just Week 4, and I'm buried in assignments. My brain is automatically planning out a timetable for when to do what, and basically, the few weeks before my birthday is fully booked.

During week 4 last semester I was still feeling so free I could go out every weekend AND change my blog layout.

Now? I barely have time to update my FB status, not to mention update-ing this blog. I'm just that busy.

Let's just hope every assignment will turn out good. Most of them due before 16/7! OMG!


Recent playlist :
1. 爱赢才会拼 - 蔡卓妍
2. Gotta go my own way - Vanessa Hudgens
3. Oh - SNSD

Back to assignments now,


Saturday, June 19, 2010 |

前阵子 种了一朵花
看它渐渐长高 长叶子

对这颗小植物 多么多么的厚爱小小的付出 小小的辛苦 从来都不曾觉得不值得
浇水肥料 从来都不曾少过

但或许 对它的好完全都错了
浇水浇太多 肥料放太多

所以 花始终长不出来


今天  我亲手把这颗小植物
把花盆洗干净 把泥土清了清




Many a little makes a mickle

Monday, June 14, 2010 |

I suddenly got the mood to check my email that day, and I was terrified. 

Apparently I haven't deleted any emails since February 200910k is a huge number.

Most of the emails were from Facebook and Friendster. Almost immediately I stopped both these websites from sending me email notifications.

Had some hard time deleting the emails page by page, until Choon Khai gave me the solution of downloading Windows Live Mail.  ( You can download it here, you'll be able to download loads of emails at once!)

I guess there are times where Facebook prove to be useful...Thanks a lot Choon Khai!

Now my email is finally empty..after all these years. =)


Sometimes many small things combine together, and end up becoming a very huge thing. All this might be formed when you take no notice, and when you finally do it shocks you so much you fall of your chair.

And I'm not just talking about material stuff.

Remotely proud of myself for 1 second 
before returning to emo-state at the next,

Recent updates

Saturday, June 12, 2010 |

Already stepping into the 3rd week of my Semester 4. Time flies!

Lots of stuff happened these 2 weeks. Some of them needed a lot of attention, while some of them needed a lot of getting used to.

And I've got homework already. Isn't that just amazing? =.=  

Hopefully the starting of this 3rd week will make things go more smoothly now, and I'll manage to get used to my new timetable and work time and all.

No more playing around! It's time to work hard now. I've got a lot of catching up to do, with such a distance in front of me.

What's life without a target?  =)


A lot of people are asking me about songs recently, and I also think its a good thing to share the songs I'm listening to to everyone. 


My latest playlist songs :  

1.张惠妹 - 哭不出来 
From quite long ago, but I heard Xiao S singing it on her show one day and it sounded nice!
A really powerful song that hides a lot of emotions....
 2. BY 2 - 爱上你 
Yeah S.H.E has a song with the same title. From BY 2's newest album. 
3. 杨丞琳 - 只想爱你 
Once again a not-so-new song...I think it's from the "暧昧"album... but I like the lyrics =)
4. Mika - Happy Ending
My friend sent it to me just last night. The harmony at the first part of the song is really nice! 

I do tend to love listening to old songs when there are tons of new songs out there. =) 

And if you wanna recommend me a song, don't just tell me about it. Straight away send me the song and I'll be some-what forced to add it into my "Recent" playlist and listen to it, since it's already lying somewhere in my pc....

Sooner or later I'll be humming it's tune or memorizing it's lyrics. See it's so easy! =) 

Blogging for the sake of an update,


Wednesday, June 9, 2010 |



但是 当你连那一点都不愿付出
凭什么要求别人  同样的对待你呢

因为当那一方累了 停了

多一点关心 多一点问候 多一点参与
多一点知道对方的事  多一点说自己的事

总会有另一个会积极的想做些什么 想去些什么地方

生活 住家 环境

'I miss you'
不是开玩笑 不是说爽



Happy Birthday Wuliao

Monday, June 7, 2010 |

I didn't realize how much I missed talking to you till today.... Suddenly it was like touching a part of memories in my brain that I hadn't touch for ages. Everything flowed back like a broken dam.

And no, I still didn't get the chance to talk to you till even now. I still remember setting my MSN Personal Message to "Wuliao I seriously need to talk to you...>.<" one night a few weeks ago but you never did online that time... 

All sorts of memories came back... 3 Daisi 3, Maple, SMKSK Guild, St John, Web-phone calls, msn, calling you uncle..........all of them had at least something to do with you.

And the connection they had with all kinds of other people brought back just too many memories that my brain could store.

But what I miss the most...is chatting msn with you at late nights. When everything around is quiet and calming, when my msn friend list starts to decrease slowlywhen I'm in my most emo state....

Somehow you always could make me feel better.....

Why am I suddenly reminded of all this now, so many years later? Maybe it's because I'm in the same emo state I used to be when I was 14 stepping into 15....

But things are different now. There are loads of stuff piled up in me, that I dunno how to express out, yet are bursting to come out. The timing, the person, the place is just never right....

I miss Maple, I miss the late night chats, I miss your singing.... =)

Happy 19th Birthday Wuliao....  

Let's hope we can see each other after 10 years and still be able to greet each other in a way like when we were still 15... Friends forever? =)

I have lots of memories,
all which I value,

p/s Something I wrote 2 years ago on the same day, about the same thing... (link) Memories <3

Genting Trip - Safari Night

Sunday, June 6, 2010 |

On the first night during my Genting trip with my college gang, we went to Genting Safari Club.

As I mentioned in the post before (link), this night was one of the nights I could never ever forget. Till now, our gang still joke about things that happened that night. A lot. 

Everything starts at the late night of 21/5/2010........

Basically it took us around 2 and a half hours to get ready. You can't blame us for wanting to look nice right? =)

And the hotel room was a disaster afterwards. Makeup and clothes everywhere! 

Me and Wailing while waiting for the others to get done.

Chloe and Me

Still waiting.....With Rex now...  =)

I lost track of time when we finally were ready to go. Must have been nearly midnight already. 

Safari was quite strict at the age requirements. All of us had to show our ICs, but the good things was....ladies were free for the entrance fee! 

There was a live band there that night, and we had a lot of great times playing around with the lead singer. 

Took a lot of photos while everyone was still 'awake'

Chloe and Sook

Wei Fong + Carmen

360 degree changes on Syeli that night!

Zac + Me.. and a cup of Carlsberg beer

My blue contact lens were so obvious under the flash light!

Zac, Carmen and Rex

No, she did not drink that. Just posing with it =)

We had a tower of Carlsberg. Which was finished in less than 1 hour ( I guess, as I said I lost track of time...).  Then things went totally berserk.

I remember sitting down at our table and asking Rex where the others were, because the table was nearly empty, which Rex replied : " (...) is sitting on the toilet floor laughing non-stop."

Everything went outta control after that. One of our friends (Lets call her A for now, since I don't wanna write any names out here also) came back from the toilet all lumpy, and could barely walk without holding on to someone. Another one (Friend B) came back STILL laughing non-stop. 

Our whole tower was instantly finished after they came back. Friend B drained every cup we had on the table for alcohol, even if they were empty. Friend A was in a some-what hypnotized state where she couldn't recognize any of us. I remember asking her if she knew who I was and she said "Syeli."

Chloe's other friends were there also that night, resulting into more alcohol for Friend B to drink. The guys there were more than welcoming. And Friend A was dozing off while leaning onto everything she could lean on, whether it was a person or a table or a wall. 

The others? Other than Chloe who was with her friends, all we did after that was make sure the 2 drunk people did not get out of our sight. 

Finally we made the decision to leave. The night was still young (around 1am plus I think), but we already had 2 serious cases on our hands.

Getting them to leave Safari was the hardest task ever! Friend A was easy, since she just followed whoever that was holding on to her.

But Friend B...... I got myself injured on the knee for trying. She kept insisting on staying with Chloe and her friends, and shouting out loud as she tried to stay firm on her decision.

The guys had to come back inside to drag her out. And that wasn't a easy job either. 

Rex had to carry Friend A on his back on our way back to the hotel room, since she was having difficulties in even walking properly. Friend B tried a lot to get rid of us and get back into Safari.

All the people we saw on our way back...must have thought we were crazy. We certainly earned a lot of strange peers from the hotel guards. 

If I weren't in it myself, I'd really think the scene was a funny one to see.  A guy carrying a drunk girl on his back, with another girl behind him trying to prevent the girl from slipping off, and another 2 girls and 1 guy dragging another drunk girl that was reluctant of going with them, and another guy at the back following. 

Friend A was dropped onto the bed once we got into our hotel room. She kept on mumbling stuff, but she stayed still. We tried to do the same to Friend B, but she liked the floor of the guy's room toilet more than the bed. And the bathtub

While I was removing Friend A's make up (on a bed!), Friend B was starting to vomit in the other room. 

Chloe came back with her friends half drunk, and by then the room was full of people rushing here and there. Preparing not-so-sweet Nescafe for some people, helping some people to the toilet, holding some people's hair while they vomited, 'tam'-ing/patting some people to sleep, comforting some people who knocked her head on the drawer and was crying.....

Carmen, Syeli and me were fully occupied until around 4am!!  Wei Fong too, even if all he did was stand there and watch.

And the worst thing was... the drunk people got to sleep on the comfortable beds, taking up more space then they were supposed to. 

Meaning.... Syeli and I slept on the floor. I had serious back ache the next day! *sobs* 

Did I mention we had Carlsberg that night? No idea how much alcohol content in it, but I know it's not that much. Just how much did they drink to get so drunk? 

First experience of seeing people getting drunk in front of my eyes, and I can't really say I enjoyed it.

Drunk people are the hardest to take care of. Totally agree with that. 

And now we're all alcohol-addicted,

Photo credits : 

Genting Trip w/ College Gang

Thursday, June 3, 2010 |

I have no idea where to start from. As much as I have told others just how exciting this trip was, somehow I never am able to say it out in words. Maybe there wasn't any memory point, or just maybe, there are somethings you can only get the feeling when you yourself experience it.

So this blog post might as well be a photo post...=)

Let the photos tell you the story....

1st Day (Friday, 21/5/2010)

Arrived to Genting with my beloved college gang. (Zac, Sook, Wai Ling, Carmen, Wei Fong, Syeli, Shanz and Rex) 

Carmen and Syeli on the cable car!

Zac, very happy to be back

There were some of us who were actually very scared of going on a cable car (perhaps scared of heights? teehee), but lets not mention any names here...

 The funny guy =.=

Nice lighting, nice camera, nice pose! and of course...nice photographer...xD

Some complications happened on our way to Genting, and we ended up waiting at the lobby of Highland Hotel for Chloe and her dad to arrive. 

All our Maggie Mee! 
The hotel was great! Huge and comfy! Except for the fact that we couldn't lock the bathroom door....everything was perfect! 

As for the night of our first day....I'm gonna leave that for another post, mainly about that night. Why? Because that was one of the nights I could never ever forget. I'm serious. Stay tuned =)

2nd Day (Saturday, 22/5/2010) 

Things were horrible when I woke up in the morning! Not only was I in a lack-of-sleep condition, the weather outside was horrible too! There was fog everywhere, and the view distance was less than 500m! And it was freaking cold!

Our plan of entering the outdoor theme park was totally blown off. 

So, they went bowling.

  H = Wei Fong, Z = Zac, C = Chloe, C= Carmen, M= WaiLing 

Then suddenly the weather had a great turn and we went into the theme park after all. 

Genting's outdoor theme park is still the same as usual, and once again I am going to say... when I go there again next time, I'm so not going in the theme park anymore! Really a waste of my money!

We spent the 2nd night at the same place we spent the first night.

But when we got back to the hotel room, we started chatting. One by one they fell asleep, and me, Sook, Zac and Shanz, being the final few who were still awake, slept at around 5am. 

3rd Day (Sunday, 23/5/2010) 

We were woken up by Rex's call from the room next to us. 

To be exact, WaiLing shouted " It's 10:30am and we have to check out by 12 noon?" and we all woke up immediately. None of us had cared to watch the time and we over slept...

So our 3rd day morning was spent in the hotel room eating Maggie Mee as brunch. 
Then it was time to go home...

Almost everyone of them slept all the way on the bus. I guess I was the only 1 awake the whole time. Gotta admit, the view was great.


And so ended my 3 days trip to Genting Highlands. Writing it down like this makes it seem so much less exciting and interesting.

It could be because Genting is too familiar to me, or maybe we really didn't do much exciting things there. 

But still, time flew when I was up there, and 3 days seemed too less. The whole gang of us being together was the best thing of this trip, and I appreciate that.

Even the most boring things can seem fun when I'm with you guys...

In the end, I'm still glad we went, 

To view more photos of my Genting Trip, click here (Facebook)

View this event on other's blog :     Wai Ling     Sook 


Tuesday, June 1, 2010 |

就算一分鍾 對我來說也絕對值得 
承諾會到永久 希望你真的懂 

<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 <3<3 

Outta of all the lyrics written by Xiao Jie, I've always loved this one the most.
The words are just beautifully put together, and the sweetness in it would make even the most bitter chocolate taste sweet... 

Just something I'd like to share to all my readers. =)  I've made a decision to be more real in my posts, no more hiding myself just because I'm worried of what people will think of me. 

This is the real me,
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