Zac's Birthday Celebration

Monday, May 31, 2010 |

Finally I am posting about this...(one of)the greatest event of the year...ZAC's 21st BIRTHDAY!

Sorry for the lack of details. I have really short term memory for these things.....

~Loads of photos coming up! You have been warned~

10-5-2010, Monday.

We all got to Zac's house at around 12noon. Almost all dressed nicely for the big day! Then we departed to 1 Utama, in 2 cars with a total of 9 people.

First stop was lunch. After walking around with no idea where to go for some time, we finally went into Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.

From right to left, starting from front: 
WaiLing, Chloe, Me, Wei Fong

And of course, we ordered their SUPER LARGE HUMONGOUS Milk tea.

Birthday Boy!

Next round was Haagen-Dasz, 1 Utama. We went their specifically for their chocolate fountain. And we ordered 2 of them! Somehow 1 just wasn't enough for 9 of us.

It really IS famous for a reason.

Chloe, Me , Sook

1 big family~
Right row(front) : Wei Fong, Sook, WaiLing, Zac
Left row(front) :Carmen, Me, Chloe, Syeli

All girls...

I love this photo of me and Chloe!

Actually we were like fighting to eat as many ice-cream balls that we could.

description  of 幸福 : when you have 6 gals next to you, 
knowing they are all today becausehere for you. 

Afterwards we were planning to buy a Baskin-Robbins Cake, but somehow the cake choices at their 1U outlet was so limited, and there was not enough place for us to fool around like we did at the 2 places before.

So we made one huge decision... go back to the Baskin-Robbins at Taipan.

And we did. 

Sook bought the hat-crown for him on our way to 1U's carpark. Doesn't really match a 21 year old guy, but it's freaking cute! =)

We bought an ice-cream cake, because the birthday boy wanted it. I think it was vanilla with fruits in it.

Two large candles and 1 small candles for 21 years old!

Contributed by Syeli.

The flower candle sang a "Happy Birthday" Song when it was lighted and opened up to form a flower. We almost burnt down the shop because of our excitement over it. =.= 

But it was a great invention. That cost a lot. 

We aimed to give you the perfect 21..
a birthday you could never forget. 
There might not have been huge expensive gifts
or a big party where a lot of people came...
But deep down it's the heart that matters
and you know we emptied  every inch of it for you. 

Whether it's the 21 messages,
or the fact we all got together on that exact day
or just one small card .
May this birthday be the most unforgetable one. 
Happy 21st Birthday Zac.

Photo Credits : Zac's FB 

Special Thanks to Zac's Sister for lending him her DSLR, Chloe and Wei Fong for being drivers (even if it was my car ^^) , Wei Fong for being the photographer, and every one of you for showing up that day! 

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You know we love you Z,

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