Trip to Petronas + National Art Gallery

Friday, May 14, 2010 |

21-03-2010 (Sunday)

Somehow my lecturer (of my History of Graphic Design class) thought it was a good idea to bring us on a trip to an art gallery. Therefore this whole trip was planned.

The worst thing was having to go there myself. I totally got lost in KL area. The roads were simple enough, but one wrong turn and there was no way you could get back!

And the Petronas Art Gallery was way far from what I imagined. The picture in my mind was something more like an European style museum that was very bright yet gloomy and quiet.

Same thing for the National Art Gallery, which was slightly better than Petronas. But there were some awesome paintings there!

Had to write a report after though. =.=

Wai Ling and Carmen in front of the National Art Gallery

Forgot so many details already, 

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