Thomas Cup 2010 Day 4 - RM43 worth every penny

Thursday, May 13, 2010 |

12-5-2010 (Wednesday)

Yup, I bought tickets to go watch Thomas Cup LIVE at Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil. Thomas Cup just had to be held during my holidays! Wouldn't it be a waste if I didn't go? =)

The ticket costed me RM43....but definitely worth it!

Me and Wai Ling reached there at around 11:15am, and there were already a lot of cars parking everywhere! More people than I imagined there'd be!

We bought our tickets and found ourselves a seat near Court 2, where the match between China and Korea was going to take place.

 See how close we were to the players area!

And the enter and exit road was just below us. The feeling was so real! And seeing all these players that I usually just saw on TV, was like finally realizing they were human too! 

China Team being interviewed.

My phone camera sucks. I know. I regretted so much for not bringing my DSLR..... T.T

Lin Dan in his match against Korea!

I had no idea why so many people supported Korea. Maybe they just wanted to see China lose. Seriously, me and Wai Ling were like the only two people supporting China in that part of the stadium. 

And Wai Ling's loud cheers of "Lin Dan Jia You" resulted into Lin Dan glancing at us for around 5 seconds before he left the stadium after the match was over. Totally electrified. @@ 


After the noon matches, things started to get boring. We had to wait till 6pm for the next round of matches. 

Walked around the stadium...where all kinds of sports brand were opening counters. And a lot of freaking expensive food!

The Legendary Thomas Cup and Uber Cup

The rackets of the Malaysian Team who won Thomas Cup in 1992.


Things got high as 6pm arrived.All kinds of people filled up the whole stadium.

We were sitting next to a bunch of yellow shirt supporters. That would explain why so many people saw me on TV. I guess the yellow people were just what the cameras wanted to capture. Gotta admit they were kinda hard to miss. 

But they were noisy too, and very un-moral. 

They had no idea when to stop screaming on the top of their lungs, stop blowing their freaking whistle and sit down to avoid blocking people who actually wanted to watch the match behind them (namely me). 

And, they went as low as boo-ing on the opponents, and cursing them at getting 21-0 in favor to Malaysia. 

For instance, during Lee Chong Wei's match, when Peter Gade from Denmark was having time out to cure his leg injuries, they were shouting all kinds of bad things at him. Things like "faster la!" "Don't waste our time!" "I gave money to come here not to see you sitting on the floor!"

Really, what impression about Malaysia would you get if you saw fans like this? We all want Malaysia to win, but we don't need to be so rude to the opponents either. The best team will win, it's just the matter of who's better.
Eventually, we changed places to somewhere more quiet. Far away from them. 

Malaysia played a great game. Eventhough I was more focused on Japan's Tago Kenichi during Lee Chong Wei's match. LCW's match seemed like a sure win, while Tago Kenichi was really cute! And his moves on the field were nice to watch. =)

The crowd went wild during Wong Choong Hann's match, and it was a close call he lost. Strength was his problem but he managed to make it into 3 sets. Way to go!

And Hafiz saved the day. The crowd roared during the game point, and when he got the last crucial mark....The stadium went berserk! People were jumping around, dancing and throwing things high up in the air.

Hero of the day!

We sneaked down into the Match area during the whole confusion...
And we took photos with some of the National Players!

And I told Wong Choong Hann he played a great game today, which he replied me with a sad grin. He's a nice guy, really! 

Watching a match live at the stadium was really a nice experience. Watching on TV might have been more near and clear, but the atmosphere while being there was something you couldn't get on TV.

And everything seemed so real. Like watching Lin Dan play right in front of me. All those moves I usually see on TV was done right in front of me. It was like dreaming while I wasn't! 

Conclusion? RM43 was worth every penny. To have experienced so much, to have seen so much.... I got it all for RM43!

I know a lot of people are so jealous at me now. LOL.

An experience of a lfe time,


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  2. Wow...U managed to take photos with them.Nice one!=D


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