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Sunday, May 16, 2010 |

13-04-2010 (Tuesday)

THE event of the semester!

Actually it's an event we students, who took the Advertising Principles Class organized.

We had rehearsals the day before till around 8pm. Then we had to get to the secondary schools we were in charged of before 7am.

So....I stayed the night at Carmen's house! At Subang! At where everyone was!

And hell was it exciting. Going out till late night, lepak-ing here and there, not sleeping and just plain chatting. This was the life I would have gone through if I moved to Subang.

But of course it was costly...  T_T


Our group's Tshirt...'You think you have guts?'

Went to SMK USJ 13 at 7am. The students were all there already...felt a bit bad for being late. 

Segi was quite quiet so early. Most of the people I saw running around were people involved in the event. 
Me and my best group member, Carmen!

The competition was divided into 3 parts. Singing, Performing and Quiz. Me and my group members were in charge of training them for all 3 parts.

My darling students from SMK USJ 13

We did fairly good, even with the lack of practice for some events. And, one of our groups got into the final quiz session, where only 4 groups were chosen. 

Quiz session....

And we got the 2nd place! Kinda disappointing to have passed by the prize money of RM1000 just like that (yeah the winning prize was RM1000) ,  but the winning team was really good.

One really tiring day......but I got an A for this i guess it's worth it! =)

The process is the most important, 
not the ending,

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