Nando's Perify-your-art competition

Saturday, May 15, 2010 |

Date : Around 1/4/2010 (Thursday) 

Some time ago, I was half-forced in entering this Competition held by Nando's every year for one of my subject assignments.

The theme this year was "Kicking-off with art & soul , Nando's goes back to it's homeground". The objective of this theme was to allow artists a chance to interept heritage in their artwork.

According to the newspaper there were 245 entries, and no, I didn't win anything. 

But we all got 100% marks for this assignment, so yeah it was worth it. =) 

And the 2 weeks before the due date of this competition (4/1/2010) were like hell! Sleepless nights, thinking of nothing but it, neglecting all my other work........It certainly was something I wouldn't wanna go through again. 

And starting onli just 2 weeks before the due date wasn't much help either. I had a 2x3 feet canvas to be fully painted in acrylic! And I hadn't had much experience in acrylic at all! 

It really was hell

 Me and my dirty acrylic hands

Only me and Carmen and Wei Fong took this subject... that would explain why other people are so free while we work our butts off.

And I don't feel like explaining my artwork since it looks really shit. I don't really have any talent in painting...><

Some other people's artwork...



The trip to NN gallery ( to pass up our entries), after finally finishing the whole artwork was great though. One nice experience. =) 

And other people artworks shocked up. A lot. They had a lot of creative ideas that I never would have thought of.

For those who are interested, The 47 winning entries are now exhibited and auctioned at the new wing of 1 Utama (lower ground floor) from May 10 - 16. It's opened to all to visit. 


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