Friday, May 7, 2010 |

Say goodbye to assignments...

And say hello to HOLIDAYS! 

After about a month of suffering and endless nights.... Finally I passed up the last of my assignments today! And it's officially semester break now!

My first 2 weeks of my holiday is fully booked by my gals (Yaw, Mark, Yan, Kai Wei) and my college gang ( Zac, Sook, Shanz, Wailing, Carmen, Wei Fong, Syeli)!

So.....anyone who wanna date me please make an appointment for the last week of my holidays. =)

Gotta a lot of plans for this holiday, and a lot of exciting stuff too.... the first one being... I'm gonna take off my braces this holiday! After almost 3 years I'll be metal free!

Followed by
2. Genting with college gang
3. visiting UCSI campus XD  (If things go as planned)
4. Play
5. Eat
7.  .... basically 4,5 and 6

And I'll also change my blog background and update all those forgotten posts. And, of course, post up all my final(?) assignments, something I do at the end of every semester. =)

And my holiday will start off with a trip to Midvalley tomorrow. So relaxed now yet so tired!

Sleep tight,

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