Happy Birthday Zac Choong

Monday, May 10, 2010 |

Second shot of May Birthday Babies... =)

It's Zac's birthday today!

To be exact it's his 21st birthday today! Finally legal!

Happy Birthday Zac! I said it till you might have got bored hearing it but I still wanna say so.

You've always been like a brotherly/sisterly figure to me, and I really mean it. I know we might have always teased you about being sissy and weak and all, but at times of need you're the most matured among us all.

...and really reliable when needed.

Sometimes when I'm chatting with you alone, the things you say are so meaningful it makes me think a lot. Stuff you say when you're more serious and not joking around.

You've always been the happiness of the gang, the center of attention, the decider for most things. I guess we always took these for granted... and never really cared about the true feelings inside you.

Especially me. There were so many times I came home and laid in my bed thinking of just how bad I had treated you that day. Acting all stuck up, being a total know-it-all, ordering you around, correcting so many things you said..... I always knew I was such a bad friend to you.

There were so many times I wanted to apologize to you, yet I couldn't find the perfect chance to open my mouth. I'd see your smiling face, chatting with me as if nothing happened, and the "sorry" in my throat would just be sallowed back.

Just so you know...I really am sorry for all the things I've done wrong. I could list you a list if you want me to be specific.... And I'm glad I have a chance to say this out. Because I truly do feel sorry...

I know we've known each other for less than a year, but you truly have been; and are a good friend. One that most people would wish they have for a lifetime. 

You know I love you...so I guess I don't have to say it out loud already. =)

Thank you. And Happy Birthday!

From the sender of the 21 birthday messages,

p/s Celebration for Zac's birthday will be posted soon. After I get everything else done. =)

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