Happy Birthday Kai Wei

Thursday, May 6, 2010 |

First shot of May Birthday Babies =)

Yup it's Kai Wei's birthday today! 6 of May!

Happy Birthday Kai Wei!

And I'm sorry for not going to your celebration tonight, but I have 2 more canvas waiting for me to paint and a very ache-ing body. =(

I'll make it up to you soon, k?

Actually...if you want me to talk about this girl, I'd have to think for quite sometime before I can start opening my mouth.

We've known each other for like, 6 years already. And there was a time when she was the only person who really knew the real me. Especially in the relationship genre.

Usually she was the first to know about most of my things. Any questions, any grumbles, she was the only person I would consult with. If it were anything concerning relationships, she was also the first I went to.

I miss those times....

6 years friendship and I've seen you through a lot of things. And I have only 1 birthday wish for you. I really hope you can find that someone that really makes you happy, because you deserve to have a person like that.

Happy Birthday gui~ May our friendship last as long as ever,because 6 years, is really a priceless time. =)

You know I love you, 

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