Fundamental GD Final Assignment

Saturday, May 29, 2010 |

I actually enjoyed this assignment. Stressful it maybe, but the satisfaction when finishing it was priceless!

The assignment was about designing a set of 4 postcards with the same theme. All other aspects were decided by ourselves.

My theme? Air Asia.

The idea came from my History of Art subject last year. That certain  lecturer didn't like my idea by then, so I decided to give it another shot now. Cause I really think the idea is great.

Position error....the red color was supposed to be together to form a aeroplane shape.

Meet A-zai ( pronounced Eh-zai)! 100% created by me from blank! Do not ask me why I called her 'zai' when she's a she. I have no answer for that question either. LOL

A= Air Asia

I was going with the concept where plane tickets were now cheap enough for everyone to be able to afford it. And there was no need to get in all the fuss my A-zai was going through.

The small illustration at the back of the postcard is actually a after scene of the front.

Front : A-zai reading a lot of books about budget traveling 

Back : Reading too many books made A-zai dizzy!

 Front : A-zai dreaming about being on a plane and flying to London

Back : A-zai waking up from her dream, and instead of a real plane,
all he sees is a paper plane! Resulting into her with a total "sweat" expression.
(Thanks Yaw for giving me the inspiration of this idea!)

Front : A-zai checking her very LAME wish list. She fulfilled all her wishes...except for 1.

Back : 'Wish' come true! A-zai throwing away her wishlist, with a plane ticket in hand!

Front : A-zai saving money, in different piggy banks arranged according to different countries.
Some of the pigs are starving from money-hungriness. 

Back : Since there is no more need to save anymore, A-zai smashes her piggy bank, 
and takes away the money happily. (Even though she only saved 1 coin in it!)

What the one most important thing you need to have with you when you get on a plane? 

Your suitcase of course! 

So I made a small case to put my cards. Just some extra work that was worth zero marks. 

See why I'm so satisfied with this piece of work now? =) 

My brother said is A-zai was freaking kesian though, like so desperate to get on a plane..... but I don't really think so. HAHA. 

I'm cold-blooded,


  1. WAAA, like ur cardss! XD Very creative :D

  2. that's wat i like.. creative<3


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