Fundamental GD Assignment 2

Friday, May 28, 2010 |

This assignment started my pathetic life of rejection.

It earned me my first ever rejection, and god was I sad. Who wouldn't? After all the hard work you end up being criticized and forced to start over again.

But usually I'm the one who would chose to do the whole thing again. Cause I can't bear to see my work getting poor marks when I can have the chance to do better.

The outside world is even more cruel...

Anyway, this assignment was about associations with apples. We had to think of a term/sentence/word/story that could be associated to the word "Apple" and make a color drawing based on it.

Color was a huge problem, and ideas used up by seniors before were an even huge problem.

Future Apple
We'll all eat pill-food in the future, like astronauts.

Snow White and the poison 'Evil' Apple
Who said Snow White ate the apple by herself?
I wanna say the apple bit her.

Issac Newton seeing the falling apple. 
Yeah the world's a big magnet. 

Apple = Fruit of Knowledge

The Forbidden Fruit (From the Garden of Eden)
Adam and Eve still wanted it. 
The snake seduced them into wanting it.
Mixed signals? The snake forms a 'no entry' sign around the apple.

When an apple is ripe, it will fall
Even if it has to bring the whole tree along with it

1 more assignment to go, 

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