Drawing Concept 2 Final Assignments

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 |

One of my subjects that I ended up doing during the last two days of my semester. Fully regret for piling up all my assignments like this. And being lazy when I had the time.

Abstract was something I wasn't very good at. My lecturer said it was usually done to show emotions, but considering the emotions I went through during that time, I don't really see any of them reflected in my paintings.

My color used was actually based on how much acrylic I had left in every tube.

But maybe they do reflect something.... it's just I can't see it.

Creating texture with materials and gesso on A4 size canvas:

Tried to do somthing different from the usual abstract but messed up with the color

Green Beans
 Looks more like checkers than abstract to me... 

Bubble Wrap
Whole thing turned out quite nice, but a lot of people had did the same kind of thing before..

Tissue Paper
Wanted to make it look like a wound, but it turned to be a joke of the others. =.= 

Paper Strips
Intended to be the expression of someone trying to escape. 
A lot of people have different views about this painting though.
What's yours? 

Pencil shavings
No I am not christian. But I did wanna make the symbol look holy. 
Like someone purifying something. 

Awh..how i wished I'd used both techniques on 2 different canvases. 
The bottom part is ugly and dark and the top part being too bright and happy.
Kinda a failure =.= 

Egg shells
Wanted to name this "still water" at first, but after finishing I gave it a new name.
'Birth' cause it looks like a womb curled up. =)

2010 is here! The sun is exploding! Aliens are coming!
That's the feeling I got when I finished this. 
It's mainly an explosion.

Elastic bands
I tried real hard at the all sorts of color abstract thingy on this.
Usually people think the thing is abstract when it's kind of messy. 
And that's what this is all about.

Papers from a hole punch
I love this piece. Not just because I made a total failure out of it at first 
and ended up perfecting it into what it is now, but also because, 
if I really did put any emotions in my colors, this was the perfect one. 
I named this canvas " Confused" 

Candle wax
The most cincai work. Was rushing and had not much acrylic left. 
Looks like a devil showing its shadowy face though.

You might notice there's not much yellow in my canvases...because...I had no yellow left! What kind of artist am I to come up with this kind of excuse? HAHA. 

And some of other people's work...

And also...my lino block. Carving it was very fun! I got addicted so easily I ignored so many assignments to finish it. 

A bit dirty from all the printing of acrylics

Some examples of it printed on paper:

But i forgot to photo my final piece of printing. Printed it in gold color on red paper. A very CNY feel print. =) 

Thanks Carmen and Wei Fong and Kim Choo for all the help throughout our final few days of struggling! =)


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