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I've been wanting to write about this since ages ago, but I never seem to have the perfect timing to spill it out. I should have mentioned it some time early in one of my blog posts, but I was in such a hurry typing it that I totally forgot.

And now since I can't sleep and its 2:36am, I'm gonna tell you all a short story about me that happened many years ago.

That year I was 14 (I think, if my memory serves me right), and being 14 meant I had no car, no freedom and a evening curfew.

I went out one weekend to a shopping mall with my friends. Then time flew and before I knew it, it was already 8 something in the night. The sky was darkening and street lights were flickering open one by one.

Then everyone decided to go home. I called my mum, shocked to find out she was not at home. Meaning.... I had no transport home!

I've always lived somewhere that is quite far from the main town area. Not many people lived here, and certainly not my friends.

I had no choice but to take the bus alone. A bus which came only once an hour, and was packed with immigrants of all kinds. Not to mention I still had to walk a small journey after getting off the bus to reach my house. The worst thing was, that small journey included roads with no street lights (total darkness) and crossing a big longkang by just one slightly thick pipe.

It was almost 9 by then, and I was worried about my safety. But I had no other option.

And it was then one of my friends, before she left, said something that almost made me cried.

"Sms me when you get home okay?" 

I know people say this all the time. I know it's just a short sentence with a few words in it.

But to me then, it was the most touching words I had every heard in my life.  

No one had said anything like that to me before. No one had ever cared for how far I lived, and my safety of going back home alone like that before. No one had took the initiative to make sure I got home safe and sound before that. 

Some of you should know whose this friend of mine is. I'm not sure if she herself remembers though.

Yup, it's Kai Wei. I was supposed to add this in in her birthday post, but i forgot. I've wrote a whole new blog post for it though, I guess I'm forgiven for that? =)

This sentence meant, and means a lot to me, even if a lot of people had said the same thing in my life afterwards.

Whenever someone says the same thing, no matter if he or she really means it or not, the touching feeling once again lingers in my heart.

It's good to be cared. And it's good to know that someone cared.

Thanks to everyone who have ever cared,


  1. It appears here that nostalgia tends to strike in the time when you get the most personal space, and it tends to fill up the blanks. Hope you had a tender moment of experience reminisce <3 stay well


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