Zac's Birthday Celebration

Monday, May 31, 2010 |

Finally I am posting about this...(one of)the greatest event of the year...ZAC's 21st BIRTHDAY!

Sorry for the lack of details. I have really short term memory for these things.....

~Loads of photos coming up! You have been warned~

10-5-2010, Monday.

We all got to Zac's house at around 12noon. Almost all dressed nicely for the big day! Then we departed to 1 Utama, in 2 cars with a total of 9 people.

First stop was lunch. After walking around with no idea where to go for some time, we finally went into Wong Kok Char Chan Teng.

From right to left, starting from front: 
WaiLing, Chloe, Me, Wei Fong

And of course, we ordered their SUPER LARGE HUMONGOUS Milk tea.

Birthday Boy!

Next round was Haagen-Dasz, 1 Utama. We went their specifically for their chocolate fountain. And we ordered 2 of them! Somehow 1 just wasn't enough for 9 of us.

It really IS famous for a reason.

Chloe, Me , Sook

1 big family~
Right row(front) : Wei Fong, Sook, WaiLing, Zac
Left row(front) :Carmen, Me, Chloe, Syeli

All girls...

I love this photo of me and Chloe!

Actually we were like fighting to eat as many ice-cream balls that we could.

description  of 幸福 : when you have 6 gals next to you, 
knowing they are all today becausehere for you. 

Afterwards we were planning to buy a Baskin-Robbins Cake, but somehow the cake choices at their 1U outlet was so limited, and there was not enough place for us to fool around like we did at the 2 places before.

So we made one huge decision... go back to the Baskin-Robbins at Taipan.

And we did. 

Sook bought the hat-crown for him on our way to 1U's carpark. Doesn't really match a 21 year old guy, but it's freaking cute! =)

We bought an ice-cream cake, because the birthday boy wanted it. I think it was vanilla with fruits in it.

Two large candles and 1 small candles for 21 years old!

Contributed by Syeli.

The flower candle sang a "Happy Birthday" Song when it was lighted and opened up to form a flower. We almost burnt down the shop because of our excitement over it. =.= 

But it was a great invention. That cost a lot. 

We aimed to give you the perfect 21..
a birthday you could never forget. 
There might not have been huge expensive gifts
or a big party where a lot of people came...
But deep down it's the heart that matters
and you know we emptied  every inch of it for you. 

Whether it's the 21 messages,
or the fact we all got together on that exact day
or just one small card .
May this birthday be the most unforgetable one. 
Happy 21st Birthday Zac.

Photo Credits : Zac's FB 

Special Thanks to Zac's Sister for lending him her DSLR, Chloe and Wei Fong for being drivers (even if it was my car ^^) , Wei Fong for being the photographer, and every one of you for showing up that day! 

View this event on other's blog : Chloe Shanz

You know we love you Z,

为.... ?

Sunday, May 30, 2010 |

明天就是semester 4的开始了
突然的 有种想烫衣服的冲动 =.=

校服校裙校徽name tag全部烫好放好

就是思考明天要几点到 =.=


重新再来一次 初三初四初五

当然 曾经的好多事情



大概  还需要更多时间吧


下一站,幸福 看完了

辛苦的工作日子也来临了 闲


Fundamental GD Final Assignment

Saturday, May 29, 2010 |

I actually enjoyed this assignment. Stressful it maybe, but the satisfaction when finishing it was priceless!

The assignment was about designing a set of 4 postcards with the same theme. All other aspects were decided by ourselves.

My theme? Air Asia.

The idea came from my History of Art subject last year. That certain  lecturer didn't like my idea by then, so I decided to give it another shot now. Cause I really think the idea is great.

Position error....the red color was supposed to be together to form a aeroplane shape.

Meet A-zai ( pronounced Eh-zai)! 100% created by me from blank! Do not ask me why I called her 'zai' when she's a she. I have no answer for that question either. LOL

A= Air Asia

I was going with the concept where plane tickets were now cheap enough for everyone to be able to afford it. And there was no need to get in all the fuss my A-zai was going through.

The small illustration at the back of the postcard is actually a after scene of the front.

Front : A-zai reading a lot of books about budget traveling 

Back : Reading too many books made A-zai dizzy!

 Front : A-zai dreaming about being on a plane and flying to London

Back : A-zai waking up from her dream, and instead of a real plane,
all he sees is a paper plane! Resulting into her with a total "sweat" expression.
(Thanks Yaw for giving me the inspiration of this idea!)

Front : A-zai checking her very LAME wish list. She fulfilled all her wishes...except for 1.

Back : 'Wish' come true! A-zai throwing away her wishlist, with a plane ticket in hand!

Front : A-zai saving money, in different piggy banks arranged according to different countries.
Some of the pigs are starving from money-hungriness. 

Back : Since there is no more need to save anymore, A-zai smashes her piggy bank, 
and takes away the money happily. (Even though she only saved 1 coin in it!)

What the one most important thing you need to have with you when you get on a plane? 

Your suitcase of course! 

So I made a small case to put my cards. Just some extra work that was worth zero marks. 

See why I'm so satisfied with this piece of work now? =) 

My brother said is A-zai was freaking kesian though, like so desperate to get on a plane..... but I don't really think so. HAHA. 

I'm cold-blooded,

Fundamental GD Assignment 2

Friday, May 28, 2010 |

This assignment started my pathetic life of rejection.

It earned me my first ever rejection, and god was I sad. Who wouldn't? After all the hard work you end up being criticized and forced to start over again.

But usually I'm the one who would chose to do the whole thing again. Cause I can't bear to see my work getting poor marks when I can have the chance to do better.

The outside world is even more cruel...

Anyway, this assignment was about associations with apples. We had to think of a term/sentence/word/story that could be associated to the word "Apple" and make a color drawing based on it.

Color was a huge problem, and ideas used up by seniors before were an even huge problem.

Future Apple
We'll all eat pill-food in the future, like astronauts.

Snow White and the poison 'Evil' Apple
Who said Snow White ate the apple by herself?
I wanna say the apple bit her.

Issac Newton seeing the falling apple. 
Yeah the world's a big magnet. 

Apple = Fruit of Knowledge

The Forbidden Fruit (From the Garden of Eden)
Adam and Eve still wanted it. 
The snake seduced them into wanting it.
Mixed signals? The snake forms a 'no entry' sign around the apple.

When an apple is ripe, it will fall
Even if it has to bring the whole tree along with it

1 more assignment to go, 

Buh-bye braces!

Thursday, May 27, 2010 |

No I'm not trying to show that I have a dimple. (Which only appears on one side of my face and only when I smile a huge smile)

Like my title says....I'm now BRACES-FREE!

After almost 3 years of suffering, finally I took them off on the 17th of May 2010. One memorable day...

Taking them off were like plucking grapes, but with tools to help. I had no idea they could get off so easily! I've ate a lot of hard food during these 3 years, and never have they got off by themselves! 

And now I'm stuck with a-same level ugliness-retainer. Doc said I had to wear it 24/7 for the next half year, but i didn't really listen to her. I'd wear it as long as I remember to.

My latest habit is taking it off for lunch then only remembering about it when I go for my dinner, then I go and  find it, but can't put it on due to eating, then once again i forget it after dinner until I'm getting ready to go to bed.

It won't surprise me if my teeth move into a weird position someday. The retainer is suppose to keep them in place, but at my rate of wearing it, my retainer has A LOT of hard work to do!

I never did notice how much my braces effected my appearance until I got them off. Finally I can smile as huge as I like without worrying about my teeth gum sticking out too much. It still does, but it's not so obvious anymore.

Bye bye braces, welcome straight,perfect teeth!

PS I use Colgate,

Genting here I come!

Friday, May 21, 2010 |

As you are reading this...I'm already on my way to Genting Highlands for a 3 days 2 nights trip with my college gang!

Should be grateful this trip is actually on! Tons of problems just had to surface one after another... And the whole process really wore us out....

So...lets all keep our fingers crossed that I have a safe and fun trip! And that nothing serious happens to break our mood!

All i want is 3 days of happiness...... and to find back what we used to be...  

I'll be back on Sunday evening!

Mummy I'm missing you already ♥

Go Genting!

p/s And I still wanna yam-cha with you gals. Yes I mean you. =) 

Drawing Concept 2 Final Assignments

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 |

One of my subjects that I ended up doing during the last two days of my semester. Fully regret for piling up all my assignments like this. And being lazy when I had the time.

Abstract was something I wasn't very good at. My lecturer said it was usually done to show emotions, but considering the emotions I went through during that time, I don't really see any of them reflected in my paintings.

My color used was actually based on how much acrylic I had left in every tube.

But maybe they do reflect something.... it's just I can't see it.

Creating texture with materials and gesso on A4 size canvas:

Tried to do somthing different from the usual abstract but messed up with the color

Green Beans
 Looks more like checkers than abstract to me... 

Bubble Wrap
Whole thing turned out quite nice, but a lot of people had did the same kind of thing before..

Tissue Paper
Wanted to make it look like a wound, but it turned to be a joke of the others. =.= 

Paper Strips
Intended to be the expression of someone trying to escape. 
A lot of people have different views about this painting though.
What's yours? 

Pencil shavings
No I am not christian. But I did wanna make the symbol look holy. 
Like someone purifying something. 

Rice i wished I'd used both techniques on 2 different canvases. 
The bottom part is ugly and dark and the top part being too bright and happy.
Kinda a failure =.= 

Egg shells
Wanted to name this "still water" at first, but after finishing I gave it a new name.
'Birth' cause it looks like a womb curled up. =)

2010 is here! The sun is exploding! Aliens are coming!
That's the feeling I got when I finished this. 
It's mainly an explosion.

Elastic bands
I tried real hard at the all sorts of color abstract thingy on this.
Usually people think the thing is abstract when it's kind of messy. 
And that's what this is all about.

Papers from a hole punch
I love this piece. Not just because I made a total failure out of it at first 
and ended up perfecting it into what it is now, but also because, 
if I really did put any emotions in my colors, this was the perfect one. 
I named this canvas " Confused" 

Candle wax
The most cincai work. Was rushing and had not much acrylic left. 
Looks like a devil showing its shadowy face though.

You might notice there's not much yellow in my canvases...because...I had no yellow left! What kind of artist am I to come up with this kind of excuse? HAHA. 

And some of other people's work...

And lino block. Carving it was very fun! I got addicted so easily I ignored so many assignments to finish it. 

A bit dirty from all the printing of acrylics

Some examples of it printed on paper:

But i forgot to photo my final piece of printing. Printed it in gold color on red paper. A very CNY feel print. =) 

Thanks Carmen and Wei Fong and Kim Choo for all the help throughout our final few days of struggling! =)

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