Sunday, April 25, 2010 |

I've been neglecting my blog for ages. I know that.

But finals have made me so busy! Ever since the heritage drawing, I've been working on my assignments whenever I have the time. And that means taking away my blogging time!


I don't wanna lose my love for blogging. I swear I will find it back. As soon as I finish my finals.

Which means.... 2 more weeks to go. =)

For now, I'm buried in my assignments. I do try to surface for some oxygen, but that is getting kinda hard as the due dates approach. I have every minute of my next 2 weeks booked for classes and assignments and exams. 

April has been, so far, a VERY bad month. Too many problems happen and too many complication occurs. Let's hope May will be better!

BTW, a lot of people's birthday are in I guess I'll have a lot of birthday blog posts again. Haha.

Lots of loves,


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