Sunday, April 25, 2010 |

I've been neglecting my blog for ages. I know that.

But finals have made me so busy! Ever since the heritage drawing, I've been working on my assignments whenever I have the time. And that means taking away my blogging time!


I don't wanna lose my love for blogging. I swear I will find it back. As soon as I finish my finals.

Which means.... 2 more weeks to go. =)

For now, I'm buried in my assignments. I do try to surface for some oxygen, but that is getting kinda hard as the due dates approach. I have every minute of my next 2 weeks booked for classes and assignments and exams. 

April has been, so far, a VERY bad month. Too many problems happen and too many complication occurs. Let's hope May will be better!

BTW, a lot of people's birthday are in I guess I'll have a lot of birthday blog posts again. Haha.

Lots of loves,


Happy Birthday Rex

Tuesday, April 20, 2010 |

FYI, only certain people are entitled for a blog post here during there birthday. If you're one of them, you should feel honored. =)


I just wanna say...


22 is a big number! Bigger than I can imagine, considering my age now.

The first time we met was something I would never forget throughout my whole life. Some misunderstandings might have happened, and I never really had the chance to tell you I'm sorry. I don't wanna give myself any excuses, because what we did was really wrong. All we needed was that little bit of trust, but we just didn't want to give it.

You've been like an elder brother to all of us. Every time we went out for a meal, you were sure to be the one who took responsibility in ordering and paying the bill first before we had all the numbers counting out.

I might not agree with some of the things you do, or the way you act, but yet, I'm glad I have you as a friend. Come to think of it, these past few months would have been quite boring without you.

Hope you like the present we bought you! =)

** I'll blog about Rex's birthday celebration at Look-out Point soon, AFTER I finish my finals. I have a hell lot of things to blog about, seriously.



Thursday, April 15, 2010 |






Super Tuition Centre

I'm sure a lot of people have heard of this tuition center. And seen a lot of friends and people you know be involved in it.

One of my best friend is there, and their inside system, I know more or less about it.

" #如 果你现在待在超级,那我真诚的希望你能看完我写的东西


#如果你现在待在超级,你觉得家人朋友劝你离开他们很可恶他们根本不懂你觉得很好的超级是怎样的,那我真的真的真的很希望你可以 看完我写的东西!!
通常超级会告诉你们网上面写他们不好的人,是其他补习中心的人看超级很利害恶意诋毁他们的,可是我告诉你,我 是一个成绩很好,有着很大很大理想,进去超级后一直以为超级很好,现在出来后领悟到很多的人!
没有人可以让你认清,我也没有要你离开超级,只是我希望你好好思考,不要被超级的金钱权利 诱惑,如果你了解后你觉得超级就是你要的人生,那我很为你开心因为也许你以后不会后悔,如果你的梦想根本不是那样,那我真的很诚心很诚心 的希望你看完我的部落,不然,未来某一天,你会很痛苦很痛苦很。


我要寻找的是生命的感动,我要付出的是真诚!我才不要成为 钱的奴隶!"
Extracted from 
Click into it and read it.

For those who don't understand Chinese, the articles in that blog were mainly about a few points.

1. Salary
Usual SPM leavers could get a much higher pay for less working time compared to what they offer. They work their butts off and just deserve that much?

2. Some "british business school " diploma awarded by Singapore and being recognized all around the world.
Frankly I have never believed that there was something THIS good. One class per month and you can learn everything? What kind of diploma is this???

3. Tuition Teachers
Most of them being SPM leavers, or still secondary school students. I've always wondered why parents are okay with the fact that the people teaching their children don't even have a diploma and are barely grown-up. Back in our time, all tuition teachers had to have like a "20-years of teaching" reputation or something similar to it to attract students.

No offence to the current young teacher teaching there though, I know you guys have put a lot of effort into teaching, and yeah I know its not easy. Not to mention the stress you have to face when one of your students just don't seem to get it.


I know a lot of people, who got great results in their SPM being involved with this tuition center. I'm really worried about them wasting their time and money on such a place. If the diploma they get isn't recognized anywhere, and the things they learn aren't enough, what future is waiting for them?

Time is essential after you finish your SPM and graduate. Every step you take wrongly effects your future. Every minute counts. You guys don't have anymore time to waste already!

No matter if all those articles were true or based with true facts or not, they really raised up a lot of questions.....    

Kai Wei I really hope you see this. 


Squeezed out

Friday, April 9, 2010 |

Seriously I'm starting to think....

......that all my creativity juice has been squeezed out!

The things I do aren't special anymore. The response aren't "WOW" like I used to get. Even I myself is not satisfied at EVERYTHING I do. My brain can think of NOTHING other than some shit ideas.

What the fuck.

And its almost finals. All the final assignments are pilling up.

What to do What to do What to do.

I think it's the emo thing causing all this. And I have no idea how to get them back.


Creativity come back please....?

Pretty please with a cheery on top?


Friday, April 2, 2010 |

Damn I've been so busy these few days!

The Nando's Competition tired me out 120%! I've slept only 7 hours these two days...I can feel my whole body is waiting to dissolve!

Still a lot of work waiting for me to complete even after I passed up my heritage.

And a lot of blog posts to post too. My College trip to Petronas Art Gallery,  my Fundamental GD Assignment, Mark's Birthday Celebration, History GD Assignment, Heritage and the visit to NN Gallery...

Damn I am so busy!

I need 48 hours a day...

But what I really need my dear bed!

Eyes closing,
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