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Saturday, March 20, 2010 |

 Most of you might know that I've have nothing but complains about my current college, Segi College Subang Jaya.

It's small, the lifts break down all the time, there is forever not enough parking space in the basement car park, the classrooms are small and packed most of the time, the management fails you when you need them the most, and recently, being in the cafeteria is like being in a HOT Arabian desert.

But then again, we have good lecturers that really give a good effort at teaching. The car park may be small and limited, but we never have to run through rain or a huge sun to get to our cars. The cafeteria sucks, but Summit USJ next door can always be our next option (And one hell of an option it is).

So, actually, my college isn't that bad.

And the people from Subang area, aren't that stuck-up after all.

The main point of this blog post actually is to tell everyone...

Segi College is having it's Open Day this weekend (20, 21 March), and also the next weekend (27, 28 March), from 10am - 5pm. 

Free drinks and food will be provided during that day, and there will also be a lot of events.

Just got your SPM result and no idea what course to do? Or which college to go? No worries, you'll be given a FREE 1 to 1 counseling session with our experienced counselors. You don't have to register straight on spot, nor do you need to pay any money. 

All you have to do is talk with the counselors. Ask any questions you wanna know. Any language would do. 

And the even better thing is.... Lets say you got 2As in your SPM. You'll be able to get a RM500 rebate for every A you get! 

Another RM500 rebate if you register during our open day/campus day, and another RM500 rebate if you register early! 

You can just see the digit numbers increasing in front of your eyes! Must be around 4 digits already!  (I'm thinking RM2000?)

Rebate doesn't mean you'll get the money though, they'll minus it straight from your course total fees. 

The best thing? Everyone who registers during these open days will be able to participate in a LUCKY DRAW! And guess what the big prize is??? An IPOD TOUCH SHUFFLE!

Why didn't these things happen while I registered?????

Anyway, for anyone out there whose interested in going to these open day, feel free to email me your name/ address/IC and time and date of visiting to me at

How do you feel about going there and being greeted by a counselor straight away? No waiting, no walking around while no one comes to entertain you? I could make that possible for you by fixing you an appointment with any of the counsellors.

For more info you can visit Segi's website:

And no, I'm not getting any money for this free advertorial I'm doing for Segi College. 

Less time, more work,

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  1. segi college subang jaya still havent gave me back my deposit of rm900 and its already been 1 year+ this college is a waste of money as they always have excuses when u ask them what happened to all the money.. pissing me off.. im still waiting for my deposit!!!


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