Let me go?

Monday, March 15, 2010 |

Like Wai Yan likes to say....

I'm drawing circles in a corner.

No one understands why I draw them. No one asks why I draw them either.

Till now I still haven't managed to do well in my abstract canvas painting. I try and try. I look through hundreds of abstract art. I search here and there for interesting textures. But when I set my hand on the Gesso, everything goes out of my mind.

My canvas is just the plain, un-unique one lying silently among all the others that grabs any attention. Even my teacher hasn't had much to say about it. Just that plain.

And there's still the 2 x 3 feet canvas lying in my living room next to the books cupboard door.

2 x 3 feet = 60cm x 90cm

More than half of my body height.

It's due April 1. And guess what? I haven't even opened the plastic around it.

I'm not lazy and avoiding to paint it.... It's only because I have no idea HOW to paint it. We haven't even started learning about that.

I've got 2 weeks to go and it's still in white. How am I going to finish it in less than 2 weeks??????

My apple is still in my mind and not on paper.

My group is organizing an event 4 weeks from now and there are still so many things not yet done.

My presentation is still in progress as I was lucky enough to get the longest topic ever.

I still have to waste my time working for my scholarship 5 hours per week.

My parents think I'm whining (again)  and they told me to not do it if I complain so much about it.

Worry is like a worm slowly eating all my intestines. And its eating faster everyday.

I don't need to add another worm to it. So could you please....just let me go?

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