Evil Sin

Monday, March 22, 2010 |

That day I was at a shopping mall, walking alone, with no specific place that I wanted to go.

Suddenly I heard a voice calling "jie jie" behind me. Assuming it was just some small kid calling for his/her sister, I totally ignored it and didn't even turn around to look back.

Then the voice was getting louder and louder from behind me, so I turned around...

To find a small boy about the height of my waist standing behind. He was the more untidy type of kid. Dark skin, not very clean clothes...I'm guessing around 8 or 9 years old.

And he asked me if I had a hand phone. Quite as stupid question since my hand phone was hanging on a strap around my neck.

So naturally I told him yes. Then he asked if he could borrow it to call his mother.

At that same moment a bad thought came through my head. What if he ran off the second I put my phone on his hand?

He certainly looked like a kid who might do that.

So, I still lent him my phone, but I kept the strap around my neck. A rather awkward position I had to be in to let him speak in the phone though.

He called his mum and muttered a lot of Cantonese words at a very fast speed. I could only catch a few words like "Fetch me...gone home"

After he finished talking on the phone I left after he assured me that he was okay.

But he still followed me even as I walked away! Freaked me out totally!

I walked faster, acting as if I didn't notice him, until I looked back and he was gone.

Actually, I felt pretty worse. To think that I just had to think the worst of someone, even a kid! He might had just lost contact with his mum and needed to find a way home! I actually thought he was a skilled theif and that the whole " lend phone" thing was a new type of trick!

Reality proves that I'm just pure evil.

Even my thoughts are evil.

Save me >.<

Stealing sometime to write this, 

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