The Dark World

Sunday, March 7, 2010 |

Yesterday was a nice day. Rained in the morning, big sun in the afternoon.

As usual I was in front of my laptop, doing I-forgot-what. Either Facebook, Blogger or Youtube. Or maybe my assignments. Couldn't be too far from that.

Then suddenly, at around 3pm... "PLOCK". I heard the usual sound of our electricity cabel "jumping down".

I said "jump" because one of the buttons at our house's electricity main switch really jumps.  It jumps down all the time. Every time big thunders struck, small lightning strucks, it just gets too excited and can't wait to jump down.

If only it knew how to jump up by itself. Save me a lot of work.

Anyway, the electricity of the whole house was gone. Since my house has more than 1 main cable of electric, usually some other rooms would still have lamps and fans on when some of them didn't.

Now it was the whole house blackout.

But there was still the sun. So a little bit of heat I could stand, thinking that the electricity would come back a few hours later.

No electricity = no fridge = no rice cooker.

So we went out to The Mines to enjoy some other people's air-conditioner at 6pm, which by then the electricity still haven't came back.

Dong dong dong.

We came back at 8:30pm. And all 3 rows of houses at our housing area were STILL in total darkness. Including our house.

It was a fucking Saturday and fucking dark, black night already!

We went out for such a long time and I come back to this still no electric, no internet, no lamp, no fan state, no air-con??

Not to mention mosquitoes biting me all around.

The TNB (Tenaga Nasional Berhad) people sure are efficient. The government should give them a huge award for being SO EFFICIENT.

It's not everyday you get to take a photo in darkness with the 
only dim light coming from a candle. =)

Oh, and the electricity came back at around 9:30pm. Work the math yourself. 


p/s Just something to add on top of the candy cake. Something I found last night on Youtube (after the electric came back, of course.)

p/p/s Might be a little too extreme, but yeah, its what a lot of people would want to do.


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