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Thursday, March 11, 2010 |

All the things I'm doing now, is for my future to be with no regrets.

Or maybe I'm just born with this attitude. Stress and worry and keep on pushing myself and hope to achieve the best of everything.

Maybe throughout my whole life I'd be telling myself : "I'm doing all the hard work now so I can taste the sweet return in the future."

And then when I die my whole life will flash before my eyes and till then only I'll realize... the sweet return never came. All my life I was stressing about my future and never had time to relax.

Yeah I think I'm born with it.

Finish something aiming to just finish it, or finish something knowing you've tried your best?

I'd always do the later.

Even if I'd regret of not having one moment to relax when I die.

But trying my best doesn't necessary mean what I do will come out best too...Geezzz...


Stressing about all my assignments now. As if being mentally tortured by some lecturer every Tuesday isn't enough. 

Not that I don't have enough's just there are too many things till my brain can't think of all of them at once. 

Or it might be because my brain's getting smaller... 

Heading off to watch Gossip Girls! Finally there's a new episode after so many months of waiting. (I suppose this is some kind of relax too...isn't it?) 

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