Happy Birthday Mark

Monday, March 29, 2010 |

It's kinda late.. but now is the only time I don't have to get myself busy in anything...YET.



We've known each other for like 5 years already.. and I never do think I've given you a great present during your big day.

You always was someone I could talk to anytime anyplace. We might not be those kind of friends that pour their hearts out to each other... but when we're together the feeling is just better than any times.

But sometimes I still wish you'd tell me more about your private stuff. Even if it means exchanging it. LOL

Actually that day when Mark told me she hadn't seen us in a month, I was quite shocked! Shocked that she actually counted the days.

We're two people who continuously post "I miss you" to each on Facebook, and...really mean it.

Pigmark was a name we started using for you. The state of our success was proved when people actually asked us what your real name was.

Sorry Mark, I guess you'll always be "Pigmark" for the rest of your life. =)

I'm really glad I have you as my friend, and I hope we forever will be. Distance may keep us apart, but time pulls us together.

Love ya~ Muacks

And for those who are thinking that I'm nuts for posting this while her birthday's on the 23th (according to Facebook)....all I can say is.... Happy Early April Fool! =.=


Evil Sin

Monday, March 22, 2010 |

That day I was at a shopping mall, walking alone, with no specific place that I wanted to go.

Suddenly I heard a voice calling "jie jie" behind me. Assuming it was just some small kid calling for his/her sister, I totally ignored it and didn't even turn around to look back.

Then the voice was getting louder and louder from behind me, so I turned around...

To find a small boy about the height of my waist standing behind. He was the more untidy type of kid. Dark skin, not very clean clothes...I'm guessing around 8 or 9 years old.

And he asked me if I had a hand phone. Quite as stupid question since my hand phone was hanging on a strap around my neck.

So naturally I told him yes. Then he asked if he could borrow it to call his mother.

At that same moment a bad thought came through my head. What if he ran off the second I put my phone on his hand?

He certainly looked like a kid who might do that.

So, I still lent him my phone, but I kept the strap around my neck. A rather awkward position I had to be in to let him speak in the phone though.

He called his mum and muttered a lot of Cantonese words at a very fast speed. I could only catch a few words like "Fetch me...gone home"

After he finished talking on the phone I left after he assured me that he was okay.

But he still followed me even as I walked away! Freaked me out totally!

I walked faster, acting as if I didn't notice him, until I looked back and he was gone.

Actually, I felt pretty worse. To think that I just had to think the worst of someone, even a kid! He might had just lost contact with his mum and needed to find a way home! I actually thought he was a skilled theif and that the whole " lend phone" thing was a new type of trick!

Reality proves that I'm just pure evil.

Even my thoughts are evil.

Save me >.<

Stealing sometime to write this, 

Segi College SJ

Saturday, March 20, 2010 |

 Most of you might know that I've have nothing but complains about my current college, Segi College Subang Jaya.

It's small, the lifts break down all the time, there is forever not enough parking space in the basement car park, the classrooms are small and packed most of the time, the management fails you when you need them the most, and recently, being in the cafeteria is like being in a HOT Arabian desert.

But then again, we have good lecturers that really give a good effort at teaching. The car park may be small and limited, but we never have to run through rain or a huge sun to get to our cars. The cafeteria sucks, but Summit USJ next door can always be our next option (And one hell of an option it is).

So, actually, my college isn't that bad.

And the people from Subang area, aren't that stuck-up after all.

The main point of this blog post actually is to tell everyone...

Segi College is having it's Open Day this weekend (20, 21 March), and also the next weekend (27, 28 March), from 10am - 5pm. 

Free drinks and food will be provided during that day, and there will also be a lot of events.

Just got your SPM result and no idea what course to do? Or which college to go? No worries, you'll be given a FREE 1 to 1 counseling session with our experienced counselors. You don't have to register straight on spot, nor do you need to pay any money. 

All you have to do is talk with the counselors. Ask any questions you wanna know. Any language would do. 

And the even better thing is.... Lets say you got 2As in your SPM. You'll be able to get a RM500 rebate for every A you get! 

Another RM500 rebate if you register during our open day/campus day, and another RM500 rebate if you register early! 

You can just see the digit numbers increasing in front of your eyes! Must be around 4 digits already!  (I'm thinking RM2000?)

Rebate doesn't mean you'll get the money though, they'll minus it straight from your course total fees. 

The best thing? Everyone who registers during these open days will be able to participate in a LUCKY DRAW! And guess what the big prize is??? An IPOD TOUCH SHUFFLE!

Why didn't these things happen while I registered?????

Anyway, for anyone out there whose interested in going to these open day, feel free to email me your name/ address/IC and time and date of visiting to me at xwei5168@hotmail.com.

How do you feel about going there and being greeted by a counselor straight away? No waiting, no walking around while no one comes to entertain you? I could make that possible for you by fixing you an appointment with any of the counsellors.

For more info you can visit Segi's website: http://www.segi.edu.my

And no, I'm not getting any money for this free advertorial I'm doing for Segi College. 

Less time, more work,

Let me go?

Monday, March 15, 2010 |

Like Wai Yan likes to say....

I'm drawing circles in a corner.

No one understands why I draw them. No one asks why I draw them either.

Till now I still haven't managed to do well in my abstract canvas painting. I try and try. I look through hundreds of abstract art. I search here and there for interesting textures. But when I set my hand on the Gesso, everything goes out of my mind.

My canvas is just the plain, un-unique one lying silently among all the others that grabs any attention. Even my teacher hasn't had much to say about it. Just that plain.

And there's still the 2 x 3 feet canvas lying in my living room next to the books cupboard door.

2 x 3 feet = 60cm x 90cm

More than half of my body height.

It's due April 1. And guess what? I haven't even opened the plastic around it.

I'm not lazy and avoiding to paint it.... It's only because I have no idea HOW to paint it. We haven't even started learning about that.

I've got 2 weeks to go and it's still in white. How am I going to finish it in less than 2 weeks??????

My apple is still in my mind and not on paper.

My group is organizing an event 4 weeks from now and there are still so many things not yet done.

My presentation is still in progress as I was lucky enough to get the longest topic ever.

I still have to waste my time working for my scholarship 5 hours per week.

My parents think I'm whining (again)  and they told me to not do it if I complain so much about it.

Worry is like a worm slowly eating all my intestines. And its eating faster everyday.

I don't need to add another worm to it. So could you please....just let me go?

Happy Birthday Yan

Sunday, March 14, 2010 |

Happy Birthday to Wai Yan!

I really am sorry your birthday has nothing except for one plain gift. And even the gift was made this morning. I wish I was more free to make something better. Or organize something huge.

I've said this before, but I'd still like to say it now.

Wai Yan to me, is just like Tina is to Mia in the Princess Diaries Series.

She follows all my Facebook status, she reads my blogs AND keep tracks of all my twitter tweets, something which not many-actually no one but her-does.

She's always the first one to know whenever I'm angry, sad, happy, or even in huge troubles. Even when I don't feel like talking, I'll still tell her everything.Then after I tell her everything seems to be just fine.

Sorry I can't be the same friend to you. Your world is too deep for me to discover. And I still grab on to my "I listen when you feel like telling me about it" attitude. 

Happy Birthday girl.... I know things are not going so smooth for you recently, but as long as you're happy, so am I. =)

And someday I'll give you a birthday present that will make you break down in tears. Just wait. xD

Your friend, 

Born within

Thursday, March 11, 2010 |

All the things I'm doing now, is for my future to be with no regrets.

Or maybe I'm just born with this attitude. Stress and worry and keep on pushing myself and hope to achieve the best of everything.

Maybe throughout my whole life I'd be telling myself : "I'm doing all the hard work now so I can taste the sweet return in the future."

And then when I die my whole life will flash before my eyes and till then only I'll realize... the sweet return never came. All my life I was stressing about my future and never had time to relax.

Yeah I think I'm born with it.

Finish something aiming to just finish it, or finish something knowing you've tried your best?

I'd always do the later.

Even if I'd regret of not having one moment to relax when I die.

But trying my best doesn't necessary mean what I do will come out best too...Geezzz...


Stressing about all my assignments now. As if being mentally tortured by some lecturer every Tuesday isn't enough. 

Not that I don't have enough time...it's just there are too many things till my brain can't think of all of them at once. 

Or it might be because my brain's getting smaller... 

Heading off to watch Gossip Girls! Finally there's a new episode after so many months of waiting. (I suppose this is some kind of relax too...isn't it?) 

The Dark World

Sunday, March 7, 2010 |

Yesterday was a nice day. Rained in the morning, big sun in the afternoon.

As usual I was in front of my laptop, doing I-forgot-what. Either Facebook, Blogger or Youtube. Or maybe my assignments. Couldn't be too far from that.

Then suddenly, at around 3pm... "PLOCK". I heard the usual sound of our electricity cabel "jumping down".

I said "jump" because one of the buttons at our house's electricity main switch really jumps.  It jumps down all the time. Every time big thunders struck, small lightning strucks, it just gets too excited and can't wait to jump down.

If only it knew how to jump up by itself. Save me a lot of work.

Anyway, the electricity of the whole house was gone. Since my house has more than 1 main cable of electric, usually some other rooms would still have lamps and fans on when some of them didn't.

Now it was the whole house blackout.

But there was still the sun. So a little bit of heat I could stand, thinking that the electricity would come back a few hours later.

No electricity = no fridge = no rice cooker.

So we went out to The Mines to enjoy some other people's air-conditioner at 6pm, which by then the electricity still haven't came back.

Dong dong dong.

We came back at 8:30pm. And all 3 rows of houses at our housing area were STILL in total darkness. Including our house.

It was a fucking Saturday and fucking dark, black night already!

We went out for such a long time and I come back to this still no electric, no internet, no lamp, no fan state, no air-con??

Not to mention mosquitoes biting me all around.

The TNB (Tenaga Nasional Berhad) people sure are efficient. The government should give them a huge award for being SO EFFICIENT.

It's not everyday you get to take a photo in darkness with the 
only dim light coming from a candle. =)

Oh, and the electricity came back at around 9:30pm. Work the math yourself. 


p/s Just something to add on top of the candy cake. Something I found last night on Youtube (after the electric came back, of course.)

p/p/s Might be a little too extreme, but yeah, its what a lot of people would want to do.

Fundamental GD Assignment 1

Thursday, March 4, 2010 |

First assignment for Fundamental Graphic Design.

We had to draw out two opposing items using black and white, and as simple as possible.

Fat - Slim

Rough - Smooth

Good condition - Bad condition

Big - Small

Straight - Curly

Easy - Complicated

All hand-drawn. Looks more like printed in photo. =) 


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