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Tuesday, February 2, 2010 |


Behold the wonders of a hair straightening iron. It's like buying a 2 in 1 package where you can curl your hair and straighten your hair at the same time!!   Super dai!

But it takes a lot of work to curl it. Still in learning progress, so forgive me for having a hair style that looks like hair being tied for too long in a ponytail. And I think my hair is still too short.

As for my lens...they still aren't here yet. It's freaking TUESDAY already!!

The boss told my seller to tell me "I mailed it already. Maybe the post office didn't do their work."

As if a Thrusday parcel will take so much WORK to reach my house on, I dunno, Wednesday perhaps?

So I just checked my tracking number, and it's changed to "POSTING" already.

Was it really the post office's mistake...or she just found out I was mad and complaining then only she went to mail it today... ? Seriously I dunno who to believe. Myself or the boss.

As long as I get my lens I'm fine with anything. One down, another 1 to go.

Rubbing sore temples,

p/s It's my mum and dad's 22nd Wedding Anniversary today! Congratz to them!

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