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25 February 2010, Thursday

Since we couldn't NOT see each other for at least once during this two weeks break, we-the whole bunch of girls-went to Carmen's house for a small gathering.

Somehow there were a bit misunderstanding, and some of us ended up in dresses and high heels. PURE TORTURE.

 And wailing ended up taller than me. =3=

 After lunch at Carmen's, not to mention a long session of  gambling (which Wai Hong won a lot!), we went to Sunway to watch a movie. 

Carmen's parents lent us their Toyota Unser! Cool!  Ngam ngam for all 7 of us! There's a reason the cars are called 7-seaters. xP

 The driver and the only guy 

No kidding. DSLRs are way HEAVY. 

And we went to watch "Hot Summer Days". Wanted to watch "Valentines Day" at first but the time slots din't fit our time.

Seriously I did not even realize that the movie had started when I sat down on the cinema chair. It was just that random!

Too many short stories, all cramped together made the movie lose it's point. It was like you were watching the movie just to see which popular face would show up next. 

And 刘若英and徐若萱looked gorgeous in the movie! Their parts were the parts I liked the most!

Everything else that happened is not important
So skip skip skip-----

We ended up going home at around 9:30pm. And that was the time we DEPARTED from SUBANG JAYA. 

First time I drove home a such a time from such distance. >.<

BTW,  the name "SS gang" came from Sook's blog, originally a thought I had a while ago, since most of us had names starting with the word "s". And is it a coincidence we study at "S"egi College?

Poor carmen's name is Scarmen now. HAHA. 

Love you guys 99,

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