Shit day

Saturday, February 6, 2010 |

Rushed to make this during my Drawing Concept 2 class, as forced acquired by Miss Kathy. I know it looks weird in size and proportion.... But hey, that's what design is supposed to be! 

And I'd like to see you do it while watching a slide show and writing down notes and with a limited space of a small table.

Thanks Carmen, Wei Fong, Linda and Zac for helping out!

Segi students you can find this on 7th floor at Kathy's Counter. Please ignore my ugly "GONG XI FA CHAI" and admire the brilliant dragon and fan made by Clement and Maisarah!



Today started out bad. And ended worst.

First it was my lens (FYI finally came) had a huge problem when I wore them, and I demanded the boss to change it for me. However, I couldn't contact the boss!!

I left a message at her thread at the forum...

I PM-ed her...

I even sms-ed her...

All ended up with no reply! I know you're busy larh, but a simple yes or no could do!!!

Then I bumped into someone's car. Broke the front part below the car plate. My first accident (if it counts) since I got my P license.



Missing lovely Bridget while doing her work,

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