I don't wanna grow up

Sunday, February 21, 2010 |

When you're a kid, everything you do is alright. If it's right you'll be praised, if it's wrong, you'll have the excuse of being just a kid.

No one will blame you. No one will ask you to do more than they expect you to do.

Being a kid is good.

But when you grow up, things change.

Doing things right are expected, and doing things wrong are just unacceptable.

You can't say you don't know and have your parents do it for you.
You can't act small and innocent so you don't have to do anything.
You can't cry and give up when you're falling down.

You're all on your own now.

I don't wanna grow up. I wanna always be that little kid.

But here I am. Grown up, and facing the world myself.

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