Butterflies and rest

Thursday, February 11, 2010 |

Seriously the only thing I feel like doing now is protesting for some rest to be given.

Something, which will come by its own after tomorrow.

Hurray it's HOLIDAY!

But only after I pass up my Fundamental Graphic Design assignment. I've redrawn my Coke cup thrice! Everytime I finish it I take it up and examine it and find a small part dirty....and I can't remove it!! WTF?

So redraw again.....

Poor me...


Went to Sunway Pyramid that day with my college gang, and we got ourselves an airbrush tatoo!

Mine was a butterfly, just to piss my sister. She loves the butterfly symbol. Teehee.

You can guess which part it is at... But I guess the answer's just too obvious.

And no, it's not permanent. Lasts for only 1 week++. We specifically did it for Chinese New Year!

Back to my assignment! Will update soon!

3 more days till CNY!!!!


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