Happy Lantern Festival

Sunday, February 28, 2010 |

Just because I'm not going out today, does not mean that I'm deprived from the chance of throwing mandarin oranges on this special occasion!

Who says you can't do everything online?

Now all I need is a river or a lake....

Yeah I'm that desperate. Where are all the single guys in this world????


Just kidding,

Last word wins

Saturday, February 27, 2010 |

In my family, the person with the last word...always WIN.

It's the solid, unbreakable rule.

And we always lose.

I hate getting on that car. Good things rarely happen when I'm on it.

Seriously I need to see a therapist. Any recommends?


SS gang

Friday, February 26, 2010 |


25 February 2010, Thursday

Since we couldn't NOT see each other for at least once during this two weeks break, we-the whole bunch of girls-went to Carmen's house for a small gathering.

Somehow there were a bit misunderstanding, and some of us ended up in dresses and high heels. PURE TORTURE.

 And wailing ended up taller than me. =3=

 After lunch at Carmen's, not to mention a long session of  gambling (which Wai Hong won a lot!), we went to Sunway to watch a movie. 

Carmen's parents lent us their Toyota Unser! Cool!  Ngam ngam for all 7 of us! There's a reason the cars are called 7-seaters. xP

 The driver and the only guy 

No kidding. DSLRs are way HEAVY. 

And we went to watch "Hot Summer Days". Wanted to watch "Valentines Day" at first but the time slots din't fit our time.

Seriously I did not even realize that the movie had started when I sat down on the cinema chair. It was just that random!

Too many short stories, all cramped together made the movie lose it's point. It was like you were watching the movie just to see which popular face would show up next. 

And 刘若英and徐若萱looked gorgeous in the movie! Their parts were the parts I liked the most!

Everything else that happened is not important
So skip skip skip-----

We ended up going home at around 9:30pm. And that was the time we DEPARTED from SUBANG JAYA. 

First time I drove home a such a time from such distance. >.<

BTW,  the name "SS gang" came from Sook's blog, originally a thought I had a while ago, since most of us had names starting with the word "s". And is it a coincidence we study at "S"egi College?

Poor carmen's name is Scarmen now. HAHA. 

Love you guys 99,


Tuesday, February 23, 2010 |

20 February 2010, Saturday


Went out to sing k with the gals at Neway Puchong.

Even when I had no sound at all...

The sacrifice I make for them...seriously! 

I've been using the word "seriously" a lot lately. No idea why, I just think it sounds nice in a sentance. 

One more week of holidays left! Rushing to get as much work as I can done.

Seriously I don't have much time left. Grrrr.

Sorry sorry,

I don't wanna grow up

Sunday, February 21, 2010 |

When you're a kid, everything you do is alright. If it's right you'll be praised, if it's wrong, you'll have the excuse of being just a kid.

No one will blame you. No one will ask you to do more than they expect you to do.

Being a kid is good.

But when you grow up, things change.

Doing things right are expected, and doing things wrong are just unacceptable.

You can't say you don't know and have your parents do it for you.
You can't act small and innocent so you don't have to do anything.
You can't cry and give up when you're falling down.

You're all on your own now.

I don't wanna grow up. I wanna always be that little kid.

But here I am. Grown up, and facing the world myself.

RIP Grandpa

Thursday, February 18, 2010 |

 People come and go.  Birth and Death are two opposing yet so similar words.

Everyday you live just makes your life one day more closer to death.

We're destined to leave this world someday...the question is, how soon will it be? 

I'm tired, I'm sick, I'm exhausted, but I still wanna say...

I really wish everyone I know will stay safe, healthy and alive. I really do. Never ever have I wished for anything else with such a sincere heart.

"How would it be, to me if you were here anymore?"

I can't bear to even think about it.

I was never very close with you, grandpa. It might have been the lack and difficulty in communication, it might have been the distance, it might have been just anything.

But without you, there wouldn't be the huge family I have here today. I'd have no parents, no siblings, no realtives...hell, I might not even have been born!

Now you're up where grandma is. Watch us from up there, for we will always be this one big family.

At least I hope so. 

R.I.P Grandpa
1931 - 2010


CNY sucks (For me)

Monday, February 15, 2010 |

One of the worst things that could happen to someone during Chinese New Year is...

Getting sick. 

Congratulations to me for being so unlucky.

And in addition to that, I also lost my voice.


No "ho jiak" food
No sing k
No chatting non-stop with relatives
No "Gong Xi Fa Chai"/ "Happy CNY"

And... I can't even say thank you when people give me Angpaus....

What kind of CNY is this????

I really am starting to think that my Tiger Year won't be very good...

But sheep's 运势 this year sounds good...

属羊人逢虎年 其年运势上扬,难有阻挡,但须防小人。若不严加防范,纵有佳运,也难保凶多吉少。在虎年你应保持勇气和谨慎,千万不要和不三不四的人来往,切忌好色、赌博。今年逢天喜,有一些喜庆的事情发生,令人心情愉快。学生今年的学习能力不错,吸收能力亦较快。

The only photo I took during these 2 days....Damn pale face >.<

Cough cough,

p.s. Hope my grandfather, who went in the hospital two days before CNY and still currently there, will get better and be able to go home soon....

Hello Tiger!

Friday, February 12, 2010 |


Hello Tiger! You're popping your head and anxious to come out ain't you?

Just be patient for ONE MORE DAY! 

Then it'll be the day of your life! The starting day of a whole new year!

I'll be going back to my hometown at Banting tomorrow, and I won't be back till Sunday. 

So, an early "Happy Chinese New Year" folks!

And "Happy Valentines" too I guess....seeing that I don't have any valentine to spend my valentines day with...hmm....


Tiger tak boleh tahan anymore! He's going crazy!! WOOOHOOO!

Gong Xi Fa Chai,

Butterflies and rest

Thursday, February 11, 2010 |

Seriously the only thing I feel like doing now is protesting for some rest to be given.

Something, which will come by its own after tomorrow.

Hurray it's HOLIDAY!

But only after I pass up my Fundamental Graphic Design assignment. I've redrawn my Coke cup thrice! Everytime I finish it I take it up and examine it and find a small part dirty....and I can't remove it!! WTF?

So redraw again.....

Poor me...


Went to Sunway Pyramid that day with my college gang, and we got ourselves an airbrush tatoo!

Mine was a butterfly, just to piss my sister. She loves the butterfly symbol. Teehee.

You can guess which part it is at... But I guess the answer's just too obvious.

And no, it's not permanent. Lasts for only 1 week++. We specifically did it for Chinese New Year!

Back to my assignment! Will update soon!

3 more days till CNY!!!!


Shit day

Saturday, February 6, 2010 |

Rushed to make this during my Drawing Concept 2 class, as forced acquired by Miss Kathy. I know it looks weird in size and proportion.... But hey, that's what design is supposed to be! 

And I'd like to see you do it while watching a slide show and writing down notes and with a limited space of a small table.

Thanks Carmen, Wei Fong, Linda and Zac for helping out!

Segi students you can find this on 7th floor at Kathy's Counter. Please ignore my ugly "GONG XI FA CHAI" and admire the brilliant dragon and fan made by Clement and Maisarah!



Today started out bad. And ended worst.

First it was my lens (FYI finally came) had a huge problem when I wore them, and I demanded the boss to change it for me. However, I couldn't contact the boss!!

I left a message at her thread at the forum...

I PM-ed her...

I even sms-ed her...

All ended up with no reply! I know you're busy larh, but a simple yes or no could do!!!

Then I bumped into someone's car. Broke the front part below the car plate. My first accident (if it counts) since I got my P license.



Missing lovely Bridget while doing her work,

Still waiting...

Tuesday, February 2, 2010 |


Behold the wonders of a hair straightening iron. It's like buying a 2 in 1 package where you can curl your hair and straighten your hair at the same time!!   Super dai!

But it takes a lot of work to curl it. Still in learning progress, so forgive me for having a hair style that looks like hair being tied for too long in a ponytail. And I think my hair is still too short.

As for my lens...they still aren't here yet. It's freaking TUESDAY already!!

The boss told my seller to tell me "I mailed it already. Maybe the post office didn't do their work."

As if a Thrusday parcel will take so much WORK to reach my house on, I dunno, Wednesday perhaps?

So I just checked my tracking number, and it's changed to "POSTING" already.

Was it really the post office's mistake...or she just found out I was mad and complaining then only she went to mail it today... ? Seriously I dunno who to believe. Myself or the boss.

As long as I get my lens I'm fine with anything. One down, another 1 to go.

Rubbing sore temples,

p/s It's my mum and dad's 22nd Wedding Anniversary today! Congratz to them!
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