Tired of waiting

Saturday, January 30, 2010 |

Waiting sucks. Especially when you get your hopes up that it'll come today...and then it didn't.

I bought 2 pairs of lens online last Sunday and paid for it on the same day, happily thinking that I'll get them the following Tuesday.

So I waited till Tuesday.

I waited and waited.

I waited through class and work and all the way home...

Just to find they weren't posted to me yet. There was no mail for me in the mailbox!

So I went online and demanded the lens seller for my tracking number so I could check if there was a problem with my mail.

And then only she told me. "Oh, one of your lens is out of stock and will only arrive this week. We''ll send them as soon as we get them."

Just that, one simple sentence. No explanation, no detailed info about the date or anything. I SPECIFICALLY ASKED HER IF THERE WERE READY STOCK BEFORE I PAID HER! And now only she tells me that they're "OUTTA STOCK" !

And couldn't they have told me that earlier? I paid on Sunday! What's wrong with Monday?  Why wait till Tuesday to inform me? And only when I ask about it upon not receiving it she tells me. Seriously, is this how you treat your customers?

Then only I find out all her stock is mailed out by another guy who is her so called "BOSS". And this boss is so busy with all the deals she gets she doesn't give a damn about her customer's stock condition. Cut down on your business if you can't handle them all. It's for everyone's good. 

They could have asked me earlier if I want them to send me one pair of lens first. Oh no, they had to actually wait till Thursday before they thought of this option. Hell, they could even had sent it before letting me know. At least one was better than none!

Now it's Sunday. Officially one week. Never have I bought anything online that I would have to wait for one whole week. I always buy ready stock, and I always pay right on spot. I've been a good customer, but why do I always meet these not so good sellers?

And I'm not even sure if the boss did send out one of my lens. I checked the tracking number she gave me, and it showed " Number not existed".

Who knows, maybe she was just TOO BUSY to see the message from my lens seller. BUSY WITH TOO MANY DEALS SHE HAS TO HANDLE.

Well, the lens seller assured me I'd get my stock on Monday, so let's just wait and see....

And NEVER AGAIN am I buying lens from her anymore.

Side note : My other lens which is out of stock is still waiting to be sent to me. That might take another whole week too. Or maybe two. A ready stock already used up one, I guess a out-of-stock will take even longer.

Damn them for making me waiting.


p.s I'll update on Monday to see if I actually do get them. If I don't...too bad for her. She'll be in so much trouble she'll wish she never did my business.

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