Semester 3..START!

Monday, January 11, 2010 |

Just the first day and I'm tired out. My whole body is practically screaming "REST" at me. Oh god. I don't wanna sleep so soon.... once I sleep I'll have to wake up to tomorrow. GAHHH

Got to school at 10am and got my result, timetable, blah blah blah. My results....still okay, but just a little bit lower than my usual expectations.

And I'm not gonna lie and say I'm satisfied with it.

But oh well, at least I got an A for my worst and best.

Had a class at 3:30pm today, and was forced to wait to attend that class. So we all went to Sunway Pyramid for lunch!

Was planning on helping Syeli to change her style...but ended up fooling around ourselves. Teehee. 

Work-study days starting....No matter how much I dread working again, I've still gotta face it.

Hope everything goes well tomorrow!

Brain tired, body tired, writing cells cannot function,


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