New Year's Eve sleepover

Sunday, January 3, 2010 |

31 December 2009

A lot of blogs updating about new year's eve started with : " "I went to XXX" ; "Spent this day at XXX"; "Celebrated new year's eve at XXX" cetera, et cetera.

Sorry to burst your bubble though, if you were expecting this blog post to be something like Pavillion or Sungei Wang. I spent the whole night of 31 December 2009 at home...

With all my best girlfriends!!!  *dances around*

So let's turn the time back to the morning of 31 Dec 2009....

Woke up and drove out at 8am, as requested by Mark, because as she said, and I quote, "The chicken wings will fly away, and the kampung fish will swim away if we go any later!!!"

Went to Pasar for the first round and bought most of the things we needed for our BBQ. Mark was like your typical housewife, giving us correct directions, and choosing all the veggies and meat like she did it everyday. Anyone interested? She's going to be a superb wife in the future!   

Next stop was Giant Supermarket. By then our budget was almost used up, and Kai Wei was pumping her phone calculator like mad! 

We kept on asking: "Still got how much money?"

The Si lai  

Spent all the remaining money on RED WINE. Hurray to being eighteen! (Just saying, since we've all had alchohol way before we turned eighteen) 

Hot (?) looking girl with a wine in hand! 
Personal request to cover her hot(?) face


Headed home at around 11am, with my car full of stuffs. And ants, which managed to crawl onto some of our newly bought food. ( No worries gals, we cleaned it perfectly well)


I think we forgot the pork and chicken wings... 

Total amount... RM120++. Blame the wine blame the wine, it's all it's fault for being so irresistible!!!

 And so we got onto our hard work of preparing everything.....


Mark and me, bathed and sparkling clean

From left to right : Kai Wei, Mark, Xiang Wei, Yaw, Wai Yan and Piang

Our guest list for the day! Yup, 6 people ONLY. But who needs a huge party with loads of people to be happy? 6 people is just enough for me. Add or drop a few.

No photos throughout our BBQ session, since we all had our hairs up and looked very stupid.

Then when Piang started to whine about going home, we decided to have our grand finale! Our one bottle of red wine! 

Our personal bar tender, namely Kai Wei opening the cork

Too bad nobody got drunk. And we finally allowed Piang to go home by a certain someone's car after that. As far as I learned, the night was still young for her after she left.

Then it was the sad part of every BBQ : Cleaning up.

Thanks Kai Wei for washing all the dishes. Hope you didn't really get mad at us for dumping you there with them.

Is was by then a few of my neighbours started warming the night up. They released some fireworks! At a distance less than 1km from my house!!

I think that's the first time I've ever been so close to fireworks before. Scary, but very very nice.

Can you feel how close I was?


I spent the last few seconds of 2009 with Mark. The others were too lazy to get up and countdown. Or maybe our clocks had different time. 

Yaw left at around 1am, after most of us bathed and changed into out sleeping attire. Poor Yaw had her exam on the 4th of January and had to go home and study. *Boohooo*

Remaining people : Mark, Kai Wei and Yan, who were staying overnight. =)

Then it was like all these people around me were pulling out their phones and pressing/dialing/calling non-stop.

  Press phone also want stand in a model pose. Puff. 

Then around 2 or 3am, Mark and my brother decided to engage themselves with MSN games. Fighting each other while sitting with their laptops facing opposite. Kinda lame, but they seem to find it exciting.

I was on my bed chatting with Wai Yan at that time, while Kai Wei... was at the top of my double decker chatting on the phone with someone unknown to us.

Slept at around 3:30am.

And the first person we all saw when we woke up on the first morning of 2010 was.... Mark.

I can definitely feel a bad year coming up...

Just joking. xP

Happy new year gals, thank for the company for these two wonderful days! Maybe we'll have the same thing next year!

But no BBQ anymore, too much trouble, and I've got a phobia against BBQ already... 

Took one hour to finish this post, 


  1. HAppy new dear XW...^^

  2. haha
    no BBQ but steamboat~!


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