Meow's hospital stay

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 |

My cat is not at home. Where is she?

She's at UPM's vetenary clinic, preparing to have her OHC surgery done tomorrow.

Okay, that sounds too scientific-y. In more simple words, she's going to be spayed tomorrow, so she won't be able to give birth and produce small kittens, and thus increase the amount of stray cats on earth.

If every cat has sex and gets pregnant and gives birth to half a dozen of kittens, the cat population might increase to be even more than humans. And there will be more dead bodies on the road. It's already very sad for me to see at least one

We can't have that happening, right? So off Meow goes to the clinic. All the staff there seemed like cat-lovers, cuddling over her when they saw her.

Is she doing okay now... I'm a bit worried. Is she closed in a cage now? Is she scared from being so far from home? Is she angry there's no bed for her to sleep there...?  Is she terrified of not seeing us for so long?

I'm worried about the surgery too. Cats could die of infection after having the surgery, and there a lot of cases of strange side effects too.

I'll breathe smoothly again when we get her back on Thursday. One more day to go.

Breathe in, breath out, 

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