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Wednesday, January 20, 2010 |

Blogger's best function ever : Blog followers!

But somehow there are still a lot of people who don't use it (or don't KNOW how to use it). Quite a pity.

A small introduction and how to use it on Blogger Help : Link

This gadget allows you to view any blog post updates from the blogs you are following, without going to that blog. For example, I post a new post named " Kitty purr". Then sometime later, all the people who follow my blog will see that I have posted this post at their blogger dashboard.

Thus you can read every new post your friends or family or people you follow post up in their Blogger blog, without going to their blogs every few days to check for updates!

And you can follow other blogs from other host websites or sites (wretch, wordpress,personal websites...etc), as long as they have a valid rss feed at their blog/personal website.


How do you use blog followers?

Here's a simple step by step instruction...

Step 1 : Go to your blogger dashboard. 
You'll find a tab called "Blogs I'm following" at the reading list. That's where all the posts updated at the blogs you follow appear.

Step 2 : Press the "Add" button.

Step 3 : Enter the url of the blog
url = "" / "

Step 4: Choose your Following Options and Finish!
Choose either Publicly or Anonymously. Following publicly means that the blog owner will know that you're following his/her blog, and your profile will show up in the blog owner's Followers gadget. Anonymously keeps you hidden from anyone except yourself.

Press Follow and then your done! The name of the blog you followed will now show up under the "Blogs I'm following" tab.


There are other ways to follow a blog, such as the Follower gadget.

Pressing the follow tab brings up a pop-up page, where you have to sign in either Twitter, Google or Yahoo.

If you're following through blogger, sign in Google. If not... I haven't tried signing in with twitter/yahoo before though. I wonder how they see blog updates...

I personally find this way of following very troublesome, where I have to sign in Google again even though I'm already signed in to Blogger.

A side note.. Now that you know how to use the followers function, there's no excuse for you to NOT follow me!


For the sake of having more followers,

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