Home not so sweet home

Friday, January 15, 2010 |

Meow's home!! 

Went to get her at the Clinic yesterday. The poor girl was totally terrified and kept on shivering inside the small cage the clinic put her in. Then when we got her out, she was running out of our hands and hiding behind sofas.

Back at home was even worst. The doctor said to put her in a cage for a few days so she wouldn't run around and become too active and break her stiches, so in the cage she went.

Minus the whining and growling and stretching out her hands as far as she could go with her whole face squashed against the cage bars, everything was fine, just fine.

Her tummy is botak. As is one part of her front leg. Quite a sad state.

But now she's out and free to roam the house. Though she's cuddling on my bed, snoozing away as I'm typing this.

Might take some time for the fur to grow back though...and the swelling on her tummy to disappear. But other than that, it's home sweet home gal.

I doubt she'll ever want to go back to that clinic again. Phobia, for certain.

I heart my cat,

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