Happy Birthday Fui!

Thursday, January 28, 2010 |

Two birthday greetings posts in a week? Yup, I know it's annoying, but sometimes there are people that I can't NOT post on their very special day of the year.

I promise this is the last one for this week?...Or maybe even this month? *looks up with cute eyes*


Please don't kill me fore putting this picture here. :)

I've knew her since 2008, or maybe even earlier than that.We were in the same class, and somehow we just stuck together.

Working together in behalf of Helang was one of the times I'll never ever forget. All the delight and sorrow, all the problems we met and solved... I close my eyes and they still seem like they happened just yesterday.

Coming out everyday during school hours to discuss a lot of things, going class by class to collect the money for the t-shirts, sitting on the floor painting the banners and getting all over ourselves....... My memories still serve me well.

Then there was tuition at KL. Eating maggie mee at 7eleven, running in the rain together, sleeping during class, walking all around KL area, being cramped inside no.17 metro bus.............

Maybe being apart really changed us a lot. I miss the times talking with you and going totally crazy... I miss the time we gossip about everything and check on all the hot guys that ever passed by our eyes. Actually, I think I even miss your voice calling my name....

There were always times when I thought that... even though you seemed like you were in so good terms with everyone..was there anyone you could really speak your heart out to? Was there anything hidden behind that smile you always had..?

I hope you've found that someone now.

19th's a big age. The last age of our teens. Savor and enjoy it. Happy 19th Birthday Fui. =)

Mixed feelings,

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