Fei's Birthday

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 |

16 January 2010,

Technically this wasn't Fei's actual birthday. Her birthday's on the 22th. Celebrating her 21st birthday now when she was born at the year 1991? I have no idea how the chinese calendar counts.

Got such a shock when Wai Yan, Mark and I arrived at her house. It was like there was a wedding here, with all the canopies, and cater people, and the KTV set (all set with wires and mikes and sound systems). Seriously its the first time I've been at a birthday party where there was a KTV set.

And Fei was in a stunning dress looking perfectly breath-taking. She was the princess of the night for sure! =)

Fen and her prizes of the day : Uncountable Calsbergs!
I swear she finished most of them. 

The Birthday Gal~

two key-shaped birthday cakes!

Candles and birthday song...

Me and the birthday gal~
Ignore us for not being very unattractive in this photo.
Had a lot of cake fighting during the party!

Couldn't help wondering what my 21st birthday would be like. 21 is a very important age. Although we say that when we're 18....and the birthday still passes by like any other normal day.

And I might not be in Malaysia by the time it's my 21st birthday, so I guess I won't be able to be dressed as a princess and hold a huge birthday party AND have the best night of my dreams.

Happy Birthday Ho Fei Sze!!
In advance. ^_^

18 and still young,

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