Tired of waiting

Saturday, January 30, 2010 |

Waiting sucks. Especially when you get your hopes up that it'll come today...and then it didn't.

I bought 2 pairs of lens online last Sunday and paid for it on the same day, happily thinking that I'll get them the following Tuesday.

So I waited till Tuesday.

I waited and waited.

I waited through class and work and all the way home...

Just to find they weren't posted to me yet. There was no mail for me in the mailbox!

So I went online and demanded the lens seller for my tracking number so I could check if there was a problem with my mail.

And then only she told me. "Oh, one of your lens is out of stock and will only arrive this week. We''ll send them as soon as we get them."

Just that, one simple sentence. No explanation, no detailed info about the date or anything. I SPECIFICALLY ASKED HER IF THERE WERE READY STOCK BEFORE I PAID HER! And now only she tells me that they're "OUTTA STOCK" !

And couldn't they have told me that earlier? I paid on Sunday! What's wrong with Monday?  Why wait till Tuesday to inform me? And only when I ask about it upon not receiving it she tells me. Seriously, is this how you treat your customers?

Then only I find out all her stock is mailed out by another guy who is her so called "BOSS". And this boss is so busy with all the deals she gets she doesn't give a damn about her customer's stock condition. Cut down on your business if you can't handle them all. It's for everyone's good. 

They could have asked me earlier if I want them to send me one pair of lens first. Oh no, they had to actually wait till Thursday before they thought of this option. Hell, they could even had sent it before letting me know. At least one was better than none!

Now it's Sunday. Officially one week. Never have I bought anything online that I would have to wait for one whole week. I always buy ready stock, and I always pay right on spot. I've been a good customer, but why do I always meet these not so good sellers?

And I'm not even sure if the boss did send out one of my lens. I checked the tracking number she gave me, and it showed " Number not existed".

Who knows, maybe she was just TOO BUSY to see the message from my lens seller. BUSY WITH TOO MANY DEALS SHE HAS TO HANDLE.

Well, the lens seller assured me I'd get my stock on Monday, so let's just wait and see....

And NEVER AGAIN am I buying lens from her anymore.

Side note : My other lens which is out of stock is still waiting to be sent to me. That might take another whole week too. Or maybe two. A ready stock already used up one, I guess a out-of-stock will take even longer.

Damn them for making me waiting.


p.s I'll update on Monday to see if I actually do get them. If I don't...too bad for her. She'll be in so much trouble she'll wish she never did my business.

Happy Birthday Fui!

Thursday, January 28, 2010 |

Two birthday greetings posts in a week? Yup, I know it's annoying, but sometimes there are people that I can't NOT post on their very special day of the year.

I promise this is the last one for this week?...Or maybe even this month? *looks up with cute eyes*


Please don't kill me fore putting this picture here. :)

I've knew her since 2008, or maybe even earlier than that.We were in the same class, and somehow we just stuck together.

Working together in behalf of Helang was one of the times I'll never ever forget. All the delight and sorrow, all the problems we met and solved... I close my eyes and they still seem like they happened just yesterday.

Coming out everyday during school hours to discuss a lot of things, going class by class to collect the money for the t-shirts, sitting on the floor painting the banners and getting all over ourselves....... My memories still serve me well.

Then there was tuition at KL. Eating maggie mee at 7eleven, running in the rain together, sleeping during class, walking all around KL area, being cramped inside no.17 metro bus.............

Maybe being apart really changed us a lot. I miss the times talking with you and going totally crazy... I miss the time we gossip about everything and check on all the hot guys that ever passed by our eyes. Actually, I think I even miss your voice calling my name....

There were always times when I thought that... even though you seemed like you were in so good terms with everyone..was there anyone you could really speak your heart out to? Was there anything hidden behind that smile you always had..?

I hope you've found that someone now.

19th's a big age. The last age of our teens. Savor and enjoy it. Happy 19th Birthday Fui. =)

Mixed feelings,

Happy Birthday Xiang Zhi

Tuesday, January 26, 2010 |

My dear brother is 17 today! 

The Big Birthday Boy got 2 birthday cakes.And tons of presents. So good. Even better than his sister.

Just came back from dinner in occasion of celebrating his b'day at Midvalley. Super tired now.

Just wanna wish him.... "Happy Birthday!"



Monday, January 25, 2010 |

I have totally no idea how real popiahs look like. These are my mum's version.

Was forced to help make them.


And the final product: 

I don't think they look very yummy though...


My 5 days holiday is officially over. Back to work + study. I'd be happy to study everyday if I didn't need to work. GAH.

study = ^__^
work =/= ^__^                                    study + work = T__T

Spent almost half of these 5 days spending money. Yup, I'm preparing for Chinese New Year. And I'm officially bankruped.

Bought New Year clothes yet? You might wanna hurry...two more weeks left! 

Dong dong qiang,


Thursday, January 21, 2010 |

Went to watch 《大日子woohoo》yesterday with my college gang.

The two night slots for this movie was already almost full when we bought our tickets. And we bought our tickets before it was barely noon.

First ever 100% Malaysia made CNY movie! I enjoyed it a lot, even if I wasn't familiar with all the actors (which were people associated with my FM I suppose...)

Nice story line, simple yet meaningful. And a lot of Malaysia's ugly truths. Introducing this 舞虎 tradition in the movie was also a catchy thing.I didn't even know such a thing existed until I watched this movie!

But somehow I'm guessing they cut off some parts. There were some parts where the story seemed unconnected. Especially the part where Ah Lian's brother damaged the tiger head and got the 4 girls in trouble, while he himself got away with it. It's like that part just floated away with no mention at all.

Highly recommend it. Way better than all the Hong Kong CNY movies that usually have no main point at all. You laugh laugh laugh and come out feeling all empty inside.

Anyone know where I can buy the plush tiger toy in the movie. Damn cute!


How to use blog followers

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 |

Blogger's best function ever : Blog followers!

But somehow there are still a lot of people who don't use it (or don't KNOW how to use it). Quite a pity.

A small introduction and how to use it on Blogger Help : Link

This gadget allows you to view any blog post updates from the blogs you are following, without going to that blog. For example, I post a new post named " Kitty purr". Then sometime later, all the people who follow my blog will see that I have posted this post at their blogger dashboard.

Thus you can read every new post your friends or family or people you follow post up in their Blogger blog, without going to their blogs every few days to check for updates!

And you can follow other blogs from other host websites or sites (wretch, wordpress,personal websites...etc), as long as they have a valid rss feed at their blog/personal website.


How do you use blog followers?

Here's a simple step by step instruction...

Step 1 : Go to your blogger dashboard. 
You'll find a tab called "Blogs I'm following" at the reading list. That's where all the posts updated at the blogs you follow appear.

Step 2 : Press the "Add" button.

Step 3 : Enter the url of the blog
url = "http://XXX.blogspot.com" / "http://www.XXX.com...etc

Step 4: Choose your Following Options and Finish!
Choose either Publicly or Anonymously. Following publicly means that the blog owner will know that you're following his/her blog, and your profile will show up in the blog owner's Followers gadget. Anonymously keeps you hidden from anyone except yourself.

Press Follow and then your done! The name of the blog you followed will now show up under the "Blogs I'm following" tab.


There are other ways to follow a blog, such as the Follower gadget.

Pressing the follow tab brings up a pop-up page, where you have to sign in either Twitter, Google or Yahoo.

If you're following through blogger, sign in Google. If not... I haven't tried signing in with twitter/yahoo before though. I wonder how they see blog updates...

I personally find this way of following very troublesome, where I have to sign in Google again even though I'm already signed in to Blogger.

A side note.. Now that you know how to use the followers function, there's no excuse for you to NOT follow me!


For the sake of having more followers,

Fei's Birthday

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 |

16 January 2010,

Technically this wasn't Fei's actual birthday. Her birthday's on the 22th. Celebrating her 21st birthday now when she was born at the year 1991? I have no idea how the chinese calendar counts.

Got such a shock when Wai Yan, Mark and I arrived at her house. It was like there was a wedding here, with all the canopies, and cater people, and the KTV set (all set with wires and mikes and sound systems). Seriously its the first time I've been at a birthday party where there was a KTV set.

And Fei was in a stunning dress looking perfectly breath-taking. She was the princess of the night for sure! =)

Fen and her prizes of the day : Uncountable Calsbergs!
I swear she finished most of them. 

The Birthday Gal~

two key-shaped birthday cakes!

Candles and birthday song...

Me and the birthday gal~
Ignore us for not being very unattractive in this photo.
Had a lot of cake fighting during the party!

Couldn't help wondering what my 21st birthday would be like. 21 is a very important age. Although we say that when we're 18....and the birthday still passes by like any other normal day.

And I might not be in Malaysia by the time it's my 21st birthday, so I guess I won't be able to be dressed as a princess and hold a huge birthday party AND have the best night of my dreams.

Happy Birthday Ho Fei Sze!!
In advance. ^_^

18 and still young,

Semester 2 Results

Sunday, January 17, 2010 |

"You harvest what you sow"

I deserve the B+ for not putting enough effort into the whole photography thing.

And that's not gonna happen again.I swear.


Home not so sweet home

Friday, January 15, 2010 |

Meow's home!! 

Went to get her at the Clinic yesterday. The poor girl was totally terrified and kept on shivering inside the small cage the clinic put her in. Then when we got her out, she was running out of our hands and hiding behind sofas.

Back at home was even worst. The doctor said to put her in a cage for a few days so she wouldn't run around and become too active and break her stiches, so in the cage she went.

Minus the whining and growling and stretching out her hands as far as she could go with her whole face squashed against the cage bars, everything was fine, just fine.

Her tummy is botak. As is one part of her front leg. Quite a sad state.

But now she's out and free to roam the house. Though she's cuddling on my bed, snoozing away as I'm typing this.

Might take some time for the fur to grow back though...and the swelling on her tummy to disappear. But other than that, it's home sweet home gal.

I doubt she'll ever want to go back to that clinic again. Phobia, for certain.

I heart my cat,

Meow's hospital stay

Tuesday, January 12, 2010 |

My cat is not at home. Where is she?

She's at UPM's vetenary clinic, preparing to have her OHC surgery done tomorrow.

Okay, that sounds too scientific-y. In more simple words, she's going to be spayed tomorrow, so she won't be able to give birth and produce small kittens, and thus increase the amount of stray cats on earth.

If every cat has sex and gets pregnant and gives birth to half a dozen of kittens, the cat population might increase to be even more than humans. And there will be more dead bodies on the road. It's already very sad for me to see at least one

We can't have that happening, right? So off Meow goes to the clinic. All the staff there seemed like cat-lovers, cuddling over her when they saw her.

Is she doing okay now... I'm a bit worried. Is she closed in a cage now? Is she scared from being so far from home? Is she angry there's no bed for her to sleep there...?  Is she terrified of not seeing us for so long?

I'm worried about the surgery too. Cats could die of infection after having the surgery, and there a lot of cases of strange side effects too.

I'll breathe smoothly again when we get her back on Thursday. One more day to go.

Breathe in, breath out, 

Semester 3..START!

Monday, January 11, 2010 |

Just the first day and I'm tired out. My whole body is practically screaming "REST" at me. Oh god. I don't wanna sleep so soon.... once I sleep I'll have to wake up to tomorrow. GAHHH

Got to school at 10am and got my result, timetable, blah blah blah. My results....still okay, but just a little bit lower than my usual expectations.

And I'm not gonna lie and say I'm satisfied with it.

But oh well, at least I got an A for my worst and best.

Had a class at 3:30pm today, and was forced to wait to attend that class. So we all went to Sunway Pyramid for lunch!

Was planning on helping Syeli to change her style...but ended up fooling around ourselves. Teehee. 

Work-study days starting....No matter how much I dread working again, I've still gotta face it.

Hope everything goes well tomorrow!

Brain tired, body tired, writing cells cannot function,



Sunday, January 10, 2010 |


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*版权所有 翻用必究
**特别借用 吴克群的《为你写诗》

苹果派的约定 (下)

Saturday, January 9, 2010 |

I really feel like covering my face when I read this again after so many months and find out how poor my Chinese was by that time. I guess it's even worse now.

Maybe someday I'll write an English version... *smiles*


苹果派的约定 (下)


Thursday, January 7, 2010 |

Just found one of the old stories I wrote last year, and I thought I'd share it with everyone. Even though it's still a very childish romance, there were a few sentences I liked a lot. And I guess it's worth reading.

For those who've been following my blog since last year, you might find this familiar since I posted it on Wretch last June. Let's just revive your memories. =)




我一直都认为 偶像是靠脸吃饭的
我一直都认为 我不会为了偶像而疯狂
直到 我遇见了他


My 2010 personal Notebook

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 |

Other than the pages and the cover, all the other things were handmade...by ME.

Just something to prove how bored I am at home.

New Semester countdown : 4 days!

Thinking of something else to do,

New layout for 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010 |

It's 1am plus and I just finished changing my blog layout. Wanted to finish this before my new Semester started.

Actually I just changed the colors and theme. If you look closely, most of the things are still the same.

I wanted to use soft pink as my main color, but soft blue was the only pattern/background I had in stock. GAH. At least Wai Yan will be happy to see this.

Why could anyone hate soft pink? It's such a smoothing color...

Anyway the header picture is a photo I took a long time ago. Yup, it's my historical spectacles that has been with me for more than 3 years.

Somehow the whole layout still looks a bit messy and crumple up to me...I'll attend to that when I have the chance. And I'm missing one welcome note, which I have totally no idea where to put. >.<

Can't stand it anymore, I need to sleep. 

Nite all!

Sweet Dreams, 

New Year's Eve sleepover

Sunday, January 3, 2010 |

31 December 2009

A lot of blogs updating about new year's eve started with : " "I went to XXX" ; "Spent this day at XXX"; "Celebrated new year's eve at XXX".....et cetera, et cetera.

Sorry to burst your bubble though, if you were expecting this blog post to be something like Pavillion or Sungei Wang. I spent the whole night of 31 December 2009 at home...

With all my best girlfriends!!!  *dances around*

So let's turn the time back to the morning of 31 Dec 2009....

Woke up and drove out at 8am, as requested by Mark, because as she said, and I quote, "The chicken wings will fly away, and the kampung fish will swim away if we go any later!!!"

Went to Pasar for the first round and bought most of the things we needed for our BBQ. Mark was like your typical housewife, giving us correct directions, and choosing all the veggies and meat like she did it everyday. Anyone interested? She's going to be a superb wife in the future!   

Next stop was Giant Supermarket. By then our budget was almost used up, and Kai Wei was pumping her phone calculator like mad! 

We kept on asking: "Still got how much money?"

The Si lai  

Spent all the remaining money on RED WINE. Hurray to being eighteen! (Just saying, since we've all had alchohol way before we turned eighteen) 

Hot (?) looking girl with a wine in hand! 
Personal request to cover her hot(?) face


Headed home at around 11am, with my car full of stuffs. And ants, which managed to crawl onto some of our newly bought food. ( No worries gals, we cleaned it perfectly well)


I think we forgot the pork and chicken wings... 

Total amount... RM120++. Blame the wine blame the wine, it's all it's fault for being so irresistible!!!

 And so we got onto our hard work of preparing everything.....


Mark and me, bathed and sparkling clean

From left to right : Kai Wei, Mark, Xiang Wei, Yaw, Wai Yan and Piang

Our guest list for the day! Yup, 6 people ONLY. But who needs a huge party with loads of people to be happy? 6 people is just enough for me. Add or drop a few.

No photos throughout our BBQ session, since we all had our hairs up and looked very stupid.

Then when Piang started to whine about going home, we decided to have our grand finale! Our one bottle of red wine! 

Our personal bar tender, namely Kai Wei opening the cork

Too bad nobody got drunk. And we finally allowed Piang to go home by a certain someone's car after that. As far as I learned, the night was still young for her after she left.

Then it was the sad part of every BBQ : Cleaning up.

Thanks Kai Wei for washing all the dishes. Hope you didn't really get mad at us for dumping you there with them.

Is was by then a few of my neighbours started warming the night up. They released some fireworks! At a distance less than 1km from my house!!

I think that's the first time I've ever been so close to fireworks before. Scary, but very very nice.

Can you feel how close I was?


I spent the last few seconds of 2009 with Mark. The others were too lazy to get up and countdown. Or maybe our clocks had different time. 

Yaw left at around 1am, after most of us bathed and changed into out sleeping attire. Poor Yaw had her exam on the 4th of January and had to go home and study. *Boohooo*

Remaining people : Mark, Kai Wei and Yan, who were staying overnight. =)

Then it was like all these people around me were pulling out their phones and pressing/dialing/calling non-stop.

  Press phone also want stand in a model pose. Puff. 

Then around 2 or 3am, Mark and my brother decided to engage themselves with MSN games. Fighting each other while sitting with their laptops facing opposite. Kinda lame, but they seem to find it exciting.

I was on my bed chatting with Wai Yan at that time, while Kai Wei... was at the top of my double decker chatting on the phone with someone unknown to us.

Slept at around 3:30am.

And the first person we all saw when we woke up on the first morning of 2010 was.... Mark.

I can definitely feel a bad year coming up...

Just joking. xP

Happy new year gals, thank for the company for these two wonderful days! Maybe we'll have the same thing next year!

But no BBQ anymore, too much trouble, and I've got a phobia against BBQ already... 

Took one hour to finish this post, 

Happy New Year 2010!

Friday, January 1, 2010 |


It's a whole new year already! Bye-bye 2009, Hello 2010!

I can't believe a year has passed at such a tremendous speed! Like yaw said, I keep on having this strange feeling in my stomach about stepping into 2010. A bit sad, a bit happy, a bit unwillingly, a bit dreading, yet a bit excited.

It really is a strange feeling.

And 19's a very huge number! To think we're leaving the "-teens" category soon! I look myself in the mirror and I still see a little kid.

I'll ditch the new year wishlist thing this year. Why? Cause I don't really need anything else other than what I have now. So maybe my wish'll be 'for everything to just stay as they are, and never change.'

And maybe find a boyfriend. *smile*

Cheers to 2010 all! May this brand new year be a starting of everything good! 

Happy New Year!

**coming soon : New Year's Eve BBQ party!
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