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Sunday, December 27, 2009 |

23 December - 25 December 2009

Going back to Penang, a.k.a my mum's hometown. One of the things my family does every year without fail. And my yearly opportunity for photo-camming 4 hours straight!

All we did were the usual visiting around, chatting with our relatives (mainly my mum doing the chatting), the annual Christmas party.... and so on.

 But this year we actually got the chance to take a ride on the ferry!!! It's hard to believe that the last time I went on that ferry was when I was so small I couldn't remember anything, seeing as I go Penang every year.

A few years ago we did want to take a ride, but there was so many traffic waiting to go on it we decided to pass.

Thus it proves that there aren't many people taking the ferry from Seberang Perai to Pulau Pinang on a working Wednesday. LOL

All cars driven onto the ferry, waiting for departure

Deck of the ferry, where all the passengers sat. 

The parents. =)

Like a stupid curious kid, I was running here and there all around the ferry. And the wind was blowing so strong at the front of  the ferry!

Yeah, even the camera got effected by the wind

Night scenery

The island of Penang! Mostly in black. xP


On the way home, we stopped half way at Cameron Highlands. The place where there was a huge waterfall and a lot of super expensive stalls

Ignore the ugly me. Super bad hair day

Reminds me of Gladiators.  
They do the exact same pose!


Every year I go back to Penang and come back with the same conclusion : Every family has their own problems. No one is excluded. 

But we'll all grow out of it, sooner or later.

And I hate being recognized as someone else or not being recognized at all . The least a relative could do was remember your name. Bahhhh. 

120%-50%=80% tired,

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