My poor car window

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 |

Very funny, guys

So all this happened on your typical Monday. I just had my bath and was enjoying my time refreshing and refreshing and refreshing my Facebook homepage and Blogger dashboard again and again.

Then suddenly my sister was shrieking my name like mad from downstairs. As usual, she had to yell about 3 or 4 times before I could hear her and pause my music player to actually listen to what she was saying shouting.

And she was shouting something that sounded like "Dad said your car's window's been SMASHED INTO PIECES!!" 

"HAR?" was the only response I gave her. 

So I was rushing downstairs, with my uncombed and still-wet hair.

To find this... 

Glass shattered all over my driver seat...

Remains of the glass on the grass next to my car...

And my poor Viva's WHOLE WINDOW (the driver side one)GONE!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, we only knew this when our next door neighbour saw it and came and told us. I parked my car outside, straight opposite to my house,but I hadn't touched it for 2 days, and we could only see the passenger side window, so no one suspected anything. Must have been done sometime around midnight...

Main suspect? The foreign workers from the school construction area straight opposite of my house. Somehow it seemed that a lot of burglaries had happened in our neighborhood recently. And I still thought such a far-away, hard to reach area like my Taman was safe.

I hope the person who did this will rot in hell. Or trip every time he/she tries to stand up. Or wake up everyday to find his/her bedroom window shattered into pieces, then when he/she gets it fixed the same thing will mysteriously happen again the next morning and occasionally his/her room will be flooded with water when he/she wakes up...

Karma's a bitch, people.

And the only thing missing?

The car radio's outside cover.

My CD's still inside, and it still plays every time I start my car engine. The only problem is: I can't control it. I can't change the volume, I can't change the tune, I can't switch to FM, and I can't even get the CD OUT!

Freaking troublesome. Anyone wanna lend me their Viva's radio cover to get my CD out? Just for a few minutes... 

Oh, and there's my brother's theory of what actually happened. ( Imagination only of course, no actual evidence here)

The thief come, and smash the window with a hammer.
the glass shatter, and he open the door and went in.

he try to get it off and fail.
He's so ANGRY he go smashing the radio.
the radio screen fall off.
and he decided to go YAM CHA
He take a few coins, and go away.....

The window cost my parent RM165. Really unworthy spent money...

But the good thing? My touch 'n go card laid safe and sound where I put it throughout the whole disaster. Hear that theif? A card worth RM100++ and you missed it! Hope you're very pissed with yourself now!


New Year's Eve 3 days! I really hope my BBQ party can be held as planned! We really should catch this quality bonding opportunity, gals! 

And the sleepover!!!!!!!!!! Please please please come...

Desperately waiting for answers,


  1. Omg...xiang~
    ur car is so......pity =.=

    I really wish to attend for the BBQ party and overnight at ur house but i think is a bit hard to me. =(

    Anyway...wish u guys have fun ya~ =)
    And...Happy New Year~ ^^

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. never ajak me la..T.T
    pity u la for the smashed car...


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