Gohtong Jaya Strawberry Farm

Monday, December 28, 2009 |

27 December 2009, Sunday

My little bro!

As I mentioned somewhere in my blog posts a long time ago, I went to Gohtong Jaya with my family, in occasion to celebrate my sis's 20th birthday.

Gohtong Jaya's a place you'll pass on the way to Genting Highlands, near the cable car station and Awana Hotel.

And there's a new strawberry park there! Making it a bit like Cameron Highlands. Perhaps that was what they were aiming for...?

And you get to pick the strawberries yourself! Although I'm not sure about the price (must be freaking expensive) and all the huge strawberries are planted somewhere else where you can't go and pick them.

Still it's a different experience compared to the theme park and all the other materialistic entertainment you find at Genting. Feel the mother nature...



Loads of plants, flowers and cactus...

And mushrooms!

And I'm falling in love with my dad's new camera.. Awesome focus and aperture settings! Starting to wonder why I ditched my old camera for a handphone camera now..... 

Before leaving we had a meal that was almost 80% made of strawberries. The people here really don't waste their strawberries. =.=

I'll start with the most usual...strawberries 

Strawberry Chocolate! 
There's Strawberry Tea, Strawberry coffee and Strawberry Milk too.

Lastly....Strawberry waffle! 
Fully use of strawberry!! 

And they sell strawberry bags, strawberry hats, strawberry key chains, strawberry shirts, strawberry stuffed toys.... well, at least no strawberries were harmed in the process.

Went up at around 9am, went back down at around 12 noon. I got home, looked at my clock and felt like I hadn't gone out at all.

** Other blog posts about this trip : Xiang Zhi

Rushing to finish this post,

p/s Next post up : My car's window been smashed into pieces! Stay tuned for details!

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