Final Assignment - Typography 1

Monday, December 14, 2009 |

Last one up!

Honestly I had lots of fun in this class. Along with a lot of frustration and banging-head-on-the-wall going on. But still, first chance on the softwares!

Making a portrait out of words number one. Used only 10 alphabets, all different font types. See if you can spot them out! 

Making a portrait out of words number two. Personally loved the outcome. I named this "Depressed fashion designer smoking". Repeated use of 5 alphabets, all with the same typeface.

Last assignments. Took me 120 hours and a lot of computer lag problems to finish it. How I wished I had a 4GB RAM laptop by then. I must have used more than a million words. Make that a billion.

Yup. The WHOLE picture of Vanessa Hudgens is made of words.

Let's have a close up look....


This picture is now hanging on my bedroom wall, with hounor. *smiles*

And that finishes my final assignments posts. For full album of all the photos, including my 1st Semester assignments, click here.

Going out tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after and after tomorrow, AND the day after and after and after tomorrow! Cheers!

Planning HUGE plans, 


  1. cant found ur cbox~haha~
    ur assignment~looks interesting~but hard oso~admire tat u found ur way~=]

  2. Bullshitter : thanks =)
    Egg: yeah...last night mess up the codes..>.< Now okay leeee


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