Final Assignment - History of Art

Wednesday, December 9, 2009 |

Buh-bye to Mr. Anderson! The passing up of this assignment meant the last time we had to see him. And the leaving of all the bad memories that went with it.

This one and only assignment meant our only grade for this subject. No attendance marks, no progress marks, nothing. Hopefully we don't fail....

Anyway, the assignment was about finding an art made between the Renaissance era and the Impressionist era, and changing it to become an advertisment poster to promote a product or campaign.

The picture I choose. Girl in White in the Woods by Vincent Van Gogh from the Impressionist era. Used it to promote Earth Saving Campaign. Used Acrylic paint on canvas.  Looks quite different once put together with its original though. 

Some other works from my classmates :

 Starry Stary Night by Vincent Van Gogh
Product : Lazo Diamond

 David by Michaelangelo
Product : Dunhill Cigarettes

Death of  Marat by Jacques-Louis David
Product : CSI - Forensic Science

MonaLisa by Leonardo Da Vinci
Product : Dutch Lady

Skull with cigarette by Vincent Van Gogh
Campaign : stop smoking

Bather by William Adolphe Bouguereau
Product : Johnson and johnson Shampoo

Liberty Leading the People by Eugène Delacroix
Campaign : Anti- alchohol

The Child's Bath by Mary Cassat
Product : Dettol

And one last photo of all our artwork places in front of the classroom.

Used one hour to put in all the photos 
and find their corresponding artwork, 


  1. it's cool! r u a fine art student?
    i like ur artwork. pls share more!! ^^.v

  2. I'm a graphic design student =)


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