Final Assignment - Drawing Concept 1

Friday, December 11, 2009 |

Drawing Concept 1: The most expensive and tiring class ever!

Not only did the markers that we had to use cost a lot (RM7 per maker), the refills needed RM11 per bottle! The markers soaked through paper like water on fabric. I had to buy at least 3 bottle of C01 refill to finish all 3 of my assignments.

And the markers were hard to control and hard to master. I ruined almost 5 pages of work just because I got one stroke wrong. So shit.

But I think I'll pass this subject. So no more marker next sem! Hurray!

They keep on telling me this is a picture of vegetables, with a lady fingers in it...But till now, I still can't see any resemblances between the pic and veggies.

I still think it's the remaining skull of a dead dinosaur!!!!

A triceratops, maybe?



Two attempts on the difficult, life-taking veggies. Still not satisfied with my front row veggies, but I got so bored I stuck with these two.

Let's have a poll! Which one seems better to you? A or B? masterpiece...


It's a photo of a coffee maker. =)


It looks real right ? Well, not really from the photo, since my K770i got too shocked by my extraordinary talent that it couldn't help itself from gasping, causing its camera to catch a slightly blur photo.  

And I came out with this on my the first attempt!! So happy I didn't have to do 5,6 pieces of it like I did with the 2nd veggie.

Mr.Lim. if there is any chance you're reading this....gimme an A, okay? =)


Changed my blog layout AGAIN. I love creating/seeing a whole new layout. Same as usual, tell me if you notice anything odd around her. Tell me even if it's a slight margin problem, or a word slightly larger than the other! I need to make sure that it looks okay on every browser! (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Opera)

And tell me what internet browser you use if you do find a problem!

Anyone who wants my old layout... (d LOVE pink color one) can get it from me! I don't tend to repeat using my old layouts, so it'll be one of the kind.

12 hours straight of internet roaming,

P.S Hell yes I made my blog layout myself!
Credits to Joyce@Blogskins for the inner HTML basecode!


  1. Nope...just a student majoring in graphic design =)
    thanks for the compliment though~


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