Daorae Korean BBQ Reataurant

Sunday, December 20, 2009 |


Went to Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong with my family. My first korean food experience ever!

The Entrance 

Interior of the Restaurant

The menu was really hard to read. No detailed info about the food, and everything seemed red in color. Which, in other terms, means they're most probably spicy. Spicy? Not my thing. Maybe this is just how Korean food is...?

Super long spoon

 Starting soup. Tasted a bit like chinese's purple weed soup,


The food! The restaurant had the oil sucking machine at every table so there wasn't a lot of smoke everywhere, and the restaurant staff helped you do everything! From starting the fire to placing the meat to adding oil and turning them sideways once in a while! Totally worth their 10% service charge!

And Korean food basically consisted mostly of  vegetables. I made a huge mistake by ordering a bowl of "kimchi" (泡菜). Heard it from so many movies and books that I thought I just HAD to try one. Didn't realize the "veggie" word in the name meant that the whole bowl was JUST vegetables until it was too late.

So i ate my whole year's worth of vegetables.

BTW, the meat and pork were delicious! Not oily not overcooked, and perfectly tasteful!

And then, I found this...

Muahahaha. Wai Yan's gonna be so jealous of me! Although I'm not sure which outlet TVXQ went to. Doesn't seem like the Puchong one. 

One last photo before leaving!


For Sook who personally requested to see my rebonded hair ASAP.
Even before I washed it. Now it's all oily and smelly.
Yup I had almost 4 inches of hair chomped off! Damn short now!!!

Christmas coming soon (yeah!),


  1. waa.a.... nice lehhhh!!i like itttt

  2. good news to me..me go another place to have food d


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