Breaking within seconds

Thursday, December 17, 2009 |

Friendship. Takes you days, or even months to build up, but mere seconds to break.

What actually happened behind this huge mess? I have totally no idea.

We offered our hand of friendship when you were alone and helpless. We welcomed you into the group with open arms. We made your life at college much much better than it could have been. dinner misunderstanding and you ditch us.

Actually, I think you started the ditching thing way before this happened. No more soya, no more lunch, no more mingling, no more anything. But did I see this coming? Hell no.

And we still had that childish thought that everything would be back to normal after sem break. Apparently it won't now, and never will.

I knew I should have voiced out last evening. But honestly, you're starting to feel like a stranger to me more than a friend, till I wasn't sure you'd even respond to what I said. Huge mistake I made there, I'm aware of that, but it's already done.

And I've been wanting to ask you for ages... WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM??

Guess I'll get no answer now.

All the happy times we had, I'll keep them in mind. But the thin string of friendship between us?Instead of waiting for it to break by itself, it'd be better if I just cut it off now. Sorry pal, but I'm ditching you now. Not the other way around.

Revenge is sweet darling and you've won the battle.,
But if you expect crying pleas and apologies, dream on.

Facing things that would have came sooner or later,


  1. someone should break the silence, who knows you might save the friendship. XD

  2. haizz... the subject in paticular has voiced the last word. Just let it be now....><


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