Buh-bye 2009

Wednesday, December 30, 2009 |

It's the end of 2009! 

And I'm still bloody single! GAHHHH!

But I'm gonna ignore that fact cause it's not really important. To me. Now.

2009...just where to start...1 full year that has made me grow up more than all 17 years before this added up. Mentally, I mean, not physically. I'm still aiming for a 36C. Lol.

I started the year with working at Lucinni's, a shoe shop at The Mines. Not actually my happiest experience ever, but being able to work along with Yaw was the best thing yet. I still remember the shock and surprise feeling we had when we both got the job.

It was like facing the true, ugly face of this world. How people struggled to maintain their business, and just how ugly a boss could turn into when facing any matters involving money. The outside world would never be easy, as far as I knew by then.

After that was getting my SPM result. All was great except for that one 4B.

Then it was like everyone was on their own, separate paths. No more 'together' anymore. Friendship was even hard to maintain when we were scattered everywhere. Even Yam-cha became something very limited...But somehow we went through all that smoothly. No way we'll forget each other just because we have new friends elsewhere! 

Getting the 8TV scholarship meant the start of my college life at Segi College.  Till now I still wonder if I made a right decision by choosing a design option, and coming to this college. I guess only time will tell... at least when I graduate!

College was fantastic. Going in alone, and coming out with a bunch of friends that were always there when I needed them. 

And to think I was still worried that my college classmates would all be stuck-up kids that had too much money to spend, and looked down at me cause I didn't wear branded stuff.  (No offence, guys, I know you're all not that kind of people.*smile*)

Stress was the only word that went through with me through out my college life. To cope with all the assignments and studies, and worrying about my grades at the same time... that's something that haunts me everyday and night. And it will continue to haunt me, for at least a year more....

2 semesters have passed, and now I'm starting to worry about my near-to-come future. Australia, New Zealand..? Or stay in Malaysia? All I know is, I can't stay at home and be my mummy's kid anymore. I have to go out there and learn to live on my own!

Maybe I've really grown up. or maybe I'm just starting to look at myself in a wholly different way. All I know is, I'm starting to hate myself more and more everyday. Everyday I look at myself and see so many flaws on me. Not only my appearance, but my personality too. I come home everyday and regret doing or saying a certain thing to someone I know.

And now 2009 is almost till its end... I'd just like to apologize for all the mistakes I've done through out this year. And thank you all for coping with a person like me for such a long time. I know I may not be the nicest person on this earth, but I really treat my friends and family with all sincerity a person is allowed to have. Please give me the chance to prove that to you.

Cheers to 2009. May it pass with no regrets.

And I'm glad I get to spend the last day of 2009 with my girls. It means so much to me! 

Almost in tears (of happiness),

My poor car window

Tuesday, December 29, 2009 |

Very funny, guys

So all this happened on your typical Monday. I just had my bath and was enjoying my time refreshing and refreshing and refreshing my Facebook homepage and Blogger dashboard again and again.

Then suddenly my sister was shrieking my name like mad from downstairs. As usual, she had to yell about 3 or 4 times before I could hear her and pause my music player to actually listen to what she was saying shouting.

And she was shouting something that sounded like "Dad said your car's window's been SMASHED INTO PIECES!!" 

"HAR?" was the only response I gave her. 

So I was rushing downstairs, with my uncombed and still-wet hair.

To find this... 

Glass shattered all over my driver seat...

Remains of the glass on the grass next to my car...

And my poor Viva's WHOLE WINDOW (the driver side one)GONE!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, we only knew this when our next door neighbour saw it and came and told us. I parked my car outside, straight opposite to my house,but I hadn't touched it for 2 days, and we could only see the passenger side window, so no one suspected anything. Must have been done sometime around midnight...

Main suspect? The foreign workers from the school construction area straight opposite of my house. Somehow it seemed that a lot of burglaries had happened in our neighborhood recently. And I still thought such a far-away, hard to reach area like my Taman was safe.

I hope the person who did this will rot in hell. Or trip every time he/she tries to stand up. Or wake up everyday to find his/her bedroom window shattered into pieces, then when he/she gets it fixed the same thing will mysteriously happen again the next morning and occasionally his/her room will be flooded with water when he/she wakes up...

Karma's a bitch, people.

And the only thing missing?

The car radio's outside cover.

My CD's still inside, and it still plays every time I start my car engine. The only problem is: I can't control it. I can't change the volume, I can't change the tune, I can't switch to FM, and I can't even get the CD OUT!

Freaking troublesome. Anyone wanna lend me their Viva's radio cover to get my CD out? Just for a few minutes... 

Oh, and there's my brother's theory of what actually happened. ( Imagination only of course, no actual evidence here)

The thief come, and smash the window with a hammer.
the glass shatter, and he open the door and went in.

he try to get it off and fail.
He's so ANGRY he go smashing the radio.
the radio screen fall off.
and he decided to go YAM CHA
He take a few coins, and go away.....

The window cost my parent RM165. Really unworthy spent money...

But the good thing? My touch 'n go card laid safe and sound where I put it throughout the whole disaster. Hear that theif? A card worth RM100++ and you missed it! Hope you're very pissed with yourself now!


New Year's Eve due...in 3 days! I really hope my BBQ party can be held as planned! We really should catch this quality bonding opportunity, gals! 

And the sleepover!!!!!!!!!! Please please please come...

Desperately waiting for answers,

Gohtong Jaya Strawberry Farm

Monday, December 28, 2009 |

27 December 2009, Sunday

My little bro!

As I mentioned somewhere in my blog posts a long time ago, I went to Gohtong Jaya with my family, in occasion to celebrate my sis's 20th birthday.

Gohtong Jaya's a place you'll pass on the way to Genting Highlands, near the cable car station and Awana Hotel.

And there's a new strawberry park there! Making it a bit like Cameron Highlands. Perhaps that was what they were aiming for...?

And you get to pick the strawberries yourself! Although I'm not sure about the price (must be freaking expensive) and all the huge strawberries are planted somewhere else where you can't go and pick them.

Still it's a different experience compared to the theme park and all the other materialistic entertainment you find at Genting. Feel the mother nature...



Loads of plants, flowers and cactus...

And mushrooms!

And I'm falling in love with my dad's new camera.. Awesome focus and aperture settings! Starting to wonder why I ditched my old camera for a handphone camera now..... 

Before leaving we had a meal that was almost 80% made of strawberries. The people here really don't waste their strawberries. =.=

I'll start with the most usual...strawberries 

Strawberry Chocolate! 
There's Strawberry Tea, Strawberry coffee and Strawberry Milk too.

Lastly....Strawberry waffle! 
Fully use of strawberry!! 

And they sell strawberry bags, strawberry hats, strawberry key chains, strawberry shirts, strawberry stuffed toys.... well, at least no strawberries were harmed in the process.

Went up at around 9am, went back down at around 12 noon. I got home, looked at my clock and felt like I hadn't gone out at all.

** Other blog posts about this trip : Xiang Zhi

Rushing to finish this post,

p/s Next post up : My car's window been smashed into pieces! Stay tuned for details!

Penang Trip

Sunday, December 27, 2009 |

23 December - 25 December 2009

Going back to Penang, a.k.a my mum's hometown. One of the things my family does every year without fail. And my yearly opportunity for photo-camming 4 hours straight!

All we did were the usual visiting around, chatting with our relatives (mainly my mum doing the chatting), the annual Christmas party.... and so on.

 But this year we actually got the chance to take a ride on the ferry!!! It's hard to believe that the last time I went on that ferry was when I was so small I couldn't remember anything, seeing as I go Penang every year.

A few years ago we did want to take a ride, but there was so many traffic waiting to go on it we decided to pass.

Thus it proves that there aren't many people taking the ferry from Seberang Perai to Pulau Pinang on a working Wednesday. LOL

All cars driven onto the ferry, waiting for departure

Deck of the ferry, where all the passengers sat. 

The parents. =)

Like a stupid curious kid, I was running here and there all around the ferry. And the wind was blowing so strong at the front of  the ferry!

Yeah, even the camera got effected by the wind

Night scenery

The island of Penang! Mostly in black. xP


On the way home, we stopped half way at Cameron Highlands. The place where there was a huge waterfall and a lot of super expensive stalls

Ignore the ugly me. Super bad hair day

Reminds me of Gladiators.  
They do the exact same pose!


Every year I go back to Penang and come back with the same conclusion : Every family has their own problems. No one is excluded. 

But we'll all grow out of it, sooner or later.

And I hate being recognized as someone else or not being recognized at all . The least a relative could do was remember your name. Bahhhh. 

120%-50%=80% tired,

Home sweet home

Saturday, December 26, 2009 |

I'm back!

To be exact I was already back yesterday, but I've been tired plus busy till now tomorrow. Yup, I'll be going to Gotong Jaya tomorrow to celebrate my sister's birthday, so once again all plans for my year-end clean up has to be postponed.

And I'm freaking tired now. Not to forget a poor body condition.

Gotta clean my room if the gals are coming over for New Year's Eve! Not to mention changing my header and everything else related to Christmas in my blog. I'm a busy girl people!


Thank god for giving me a bunch of friends that are so understanding..
Friends that are fully aware the least thing you'd wanna know
and take the effort to distract you from it
I love you guys, really. 

120% tired,

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009 |

 That's not me, if you're having that thought just right now. 
黒涩会's Hong Shi in a Santa suit! 


*sprinkle snowflakes* 

Let's just ignore the question of how I'm supposed to be at Penang celebrating as this current time... 


Christmas is all about remembering, appreciating and forgiving. Remembering everything that happened through out the year, appreciating everything that everyone has ever done for you, and forgiving anyone that has ever offended you in any way.

May everyone out there be happy and healthy, whether you're alone or not. Merry X'mas!



Tuesday, December 22, 2009 |

Happy Midwinter Festival

It's the Midwinter Festival today! Till today only I found out that the "至"" "(zhi) in the word "冬至 " didn't mean 'come'. It actually meant 'the most'. So the word "dong zhi" means that it's the most winter time day in the whole season! Quite an info!

As tradition goes, my family and I made some "tang yuan"s today. Not for any ritual ceremony or anything, but just for the sake of fun. =)

ball shaped TangYuans

Being cooked...

Bon Appétit! 


I'm leaving for Penang tomorrow, and I won't be back until the 25th. at least. 

Yup, I'm going to spend my Christmas and Christmas Eve at Penang, hopefully it'll be fun with the other side of the family, which also happens to be the only side of the family that celebrates Christmas...

But... this blog is opened 24/7! No way I'm gonna miss a Christmas countdown post just because I'm at somewhere where internet might not be accessible. 

Stay tuned to find out! 

Christmas mode activated, 


Daorae Korean BBQ Reataurant

Sunday, December 20, 2009 |


Went to Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong with my family. My first korean food experience ever!

The Entrance 

Interior of the Restaurant

The menu was really hard to read. No detailed info about the food, and everything seemed red in color. Which, in other terms, means they're most probably spicy. Spicy? Not my thing. Maybe this is just how Korean food is...?

Super long spoon

 Starting soup. Tasted a bit like chinese's purple weed soup,


The food! The restaurant had the oil sucking machine at every table so there wasn't a lot of smoke everywhere, and the restaurant staff helped you do everything! From starting the fire to placing the meat to adding oil and turning them sideways once in a while! Totally worth their 10% service charge!

And Korean food basically consisted mostly of  vegetables. I made a huge mistake by ordering a bowl of "kimchi" (泡菜). Heard it from so many movies and books that I thought I just HAD to try one. Didn't realize the "veggie" word in the name meant that the whole bowl was JUST vegetables until it was too late.

So i ate my whole year's worth of vegetables.

BTW, the meat and pork were delicious! Not oily not overcooked, and perfectly tasteful!

And then, I found this...

Muahahaha. Wai Yan's gonna be so jealous of me! Although I'm not sure which outlet TVXQ went to. Doesn't seem like the Puchong one. 

One last photo before leaving!


For Sook who personally requested to see my rebonded hair ASAP.
Even before I washed it. Now it's all oily and smelly.
Yup I had almost 4 inches of hair chomped off! Damn short now!!!

Christmas coming soon (yeah!),

Breaking within seconds

Thursday, December 17, 2009 |

Friendship. Takes you days, or even months to build up, but mere seconds to break.

What actually happened behind this huge mess? I have totally no idea.

We offered our hand of friendship when you were alone and helpless. We welcomed you into the group with open arms. We made your life at college much much better than it could have been.

Then...one dinner misunderstanding and you ditch us.

Actually, I think you started the ditching thing way before this happened. No more soya, no more lunch, no more mingling, no more anything. But did I see this coming? Hell no.

And we still had that childish thought that everything would be back to normal after sem break. Apparently it won't now, and never will.

I knew I should have voiced out last evening. But honestly, you're starting to feel like a stranger to me more than a friend, till I wasn't sure you'd even respond to what I said. Huge mistake I made there, I'm aware of that, but it's already done.

And I've been wanting to ask you for ages... WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM??

Guess I'll get no answer now.

All the happy times we had, I'll keep them in mind. But the thin string of friendship between us?Instead of waiting for it to break by itself, it'd be better if I just cut it off now. Sorry pal, but I'm ditching you now. Not the other way around.

Revenge is sweet darling and you've won the battle.,
But if you expect crying pleas and apologies, dream on.

Facing things that would have came sooner or later,


Wednesday, December 16, 2009 |

Picture credit Deviantart.com
To me, clothes are memories. Significant memories are remembered through the clothes I happen to wear that day or time. Clothes remind me.

My school uniform brings with it the most memories among all. 

And that's also why there are some clothes that are hidden at the very bottom of my cupboard, never to be touched. Memories that I chose not to remember, or better yet, forget.
Of course there are happy memories, and these clothes hits the spotlight most of the time. 
What memories do your clothes bring with it? Look at it and think back. You just might see a lot more than you think you would.  

Struck with this sudden though,

Final Assignment - Typography 1

Monday, December 14, 2009 |

Last one up!

Honestly I had lots of fun in this class. Along with a lot of frustration and banging-head-on-the-wall going on. But still, first chance on the softwares!

Making a portrait out of words number one. Used only 10 alphabets, all different font types. See if you can spot them out! 

Making a portrait out of words number two. Personally loved the outcome. I named this "Depressed fashion designer smoking". Repeated use of 5 alphabets, all with the same typeface.

Last assignments. Took me 120 hours and a lot of computer lag problems to finish it. How I wished I had a 4GB RAM laptop by then. I must have used more than a million words. Make that a billion.

Yup. The WHOLE picture of Vanessa Hudgens is made of words.

Let's have a close up look....


This picture is now hanging on my bedroom wall, with hounor. *smiles*

And that finishes my final assignments posts. For full album of all the photos, including my 1st Semester assignments, click here.

Going out tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the day after and after tomorrow, AND the day after and after and after tomorrow! Cheers!

Planning HUGE plans, 

Final Assignment - 2 and 3 Dimensional

Sunday, December 13, 2009 |

2nd last assignment for 2 and 3D class. (Forgot how many assignments we did so I'll just say second last.) Was suppose to explore the use of repetition to create movement.

I knew I could do something more better once I finished it, like something simple yet complicated, but I'd used too much effort on this one that I couldn't bear to NOT pass it up.

Final assignment. To make a wall divider according to everything we learned. That's why the loves and crosses exists - to create some texture. Black color on one side and white on the other.

I aimed to make something modern looking (at least it was when it was a drawing on a piece of paper), but it turned out to be quite girly. They said it looked like a barbie doll's mansion. *sweats* Was I intending to making a barbie doll themed wall divider? 

Got an A for this subject. *Jumps up and down* Knew this due to our efficient lecturer who calculated the marks straight after we showed her our assignments. At least that's one subject less to worry about.

One more 'Final Assignment' post to go! Then I'm totally free to post about everything else! Even though I still have no idea what to post about yet. My life's boring. BAH.

Did I mentioned that I've been stuck at home for 4 days straight?

As for why I'm posting these assignments post... Awhh, I know there aren't many people interested in reading them, but I'm blogging them so 10 years later when I look back, I'd have something to brag about :P .And for my next year juniors to actually have some idea of what their assignments look like when they google it.

Rusted Butt,

Final Assignment - Drawing Fundamental

Saturday, December 12, 2009 |

I forgot to photo my sketchbook pencil drawings, so I can only show you my charcoal drawing. Nevertheless, my pencil drawings are way better than charcoal drawings.

Making different marks with charcoal

Measurement of chairs

Fruit (Banana) Studies

Plant Studies

Animal Studies

Self Portrait
Doesn't even look like me =.=

Bored with posting only assignments
and craving to blog about something else,
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