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Saturday, November 21, 2009 |

-Edted Version- This photo keeps giving me the feeling of some poster cover!

Thanks Syeli for being the photographer!
Thanks me for photoshop-ing it!

I have no idea what to blog about. Life's been hectic these few weeks, and I dunno where to start from.  Just feel like blogging something while I have the time to. ( Going out later, waiting for time to pass...)

Last two weeks before Sem Break, and assignments are chasing us from behind, getting more and more closer every minute.

The studio photos turned out okay, at least for out non-major in photography standard. Plain white background is something that's not so easy to photo with. Tomorrow we're going out for the model photo shooting. OUTSIDE. Pray god it'll be better.

I'm losing my touch on my Nikon D80. Shit.

Once again, edited version.
I took this photo! Best pic of the day. 
But sadly not able to pass up as our assignment. Too random.  

I can't wait for holidays, but I dread the coming out of the results. Holidays please come slower so I can finish every assignment perfectly!!!!!

I'm so gonna dye my hair and perm it straight this holiday. And change so much-on the good side, of course. Who would wanna turn ugly?- that their eyeballs will fall out when they see me.

And I know you're muttering "as if that's possible" as you read this. *pouts mouth* 

Going to 书香 exhibition @The Mines now! Maybe I'll see Fei Shan there. =) 

Still photoshop-ing,

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